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Do You Qualify for the COBRA Subsidy?

Over 7 million Americans will qualify for the new COBRA subsidy.  Are you one of them?

The COBRA subsidy is a welcome relief for families struggling to keep health insurance during unemployment.  The current provision reimburses 65% of the cost of COBRA for up to nine months.

Here are the key reasons why you may not be eligible for the subsidy.:

  • If your former employer has gone out of business
  • If you worked for a small company (fewer than 20 employees) and live in a state that does not have COBRA continuation coverage
  • If you are eligible for other group health coverage (such as through a new employer’s plan or a spouse’s plan) or Medicare

Also, you must have been eligible for COBRA from the period of September 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009.

11 comments to Do You Qualify for the COBRA Subsidy?

  • my daughter age 26 started on cobra after her benefits were discontinued on my employers family plan due to age requirement. she is employed part time, no insurance until one year employment. we live in New york, does she qualify for cobra subsidy?

  • Sara

    Medical coverage stopped 3/31/2011 when I left my employment. Nver received letter from insurance company to apply for COBRA. Now, since I am finally receiving application for COBRA, ex-employer stated I need to pay previuos two months of premiums! Didn’t even know if they would allow COBRA; why should I have to pay such an enormous premium for the past 60 days in which I wasn’t covered?

  • Vickie Clark

    My husband just recently died and his insurance was the only I had. Will I qualify for the subsidy?

  • Mike Casey

    did the extension of benefits passed 7/20/10 include the COBRA subsidy? I was laid off 7/2/10. Am I eligible?

  • Steven Towsey

    Hello, I was laid off in March 2010 and am currently unemployed and signed up for healthcare via UnitedhealthcareOne which was brought to my attention through COBRA. Do I qualify for a COBRA subsidy?

    Steve Towsey

  • I was laid off in Sept. of 2009 and am currently receiving unemployment. The cost of my health care is back breaking however it is a good plan and I want to keep it. It is through Kaiser. My former employer offered an option to either join the company plan or be reimbursed at approximately $400 monthly. I opted for the latter.

    Do I have any elgibility for the subsidy?

    Thank You,

    Bill Glacken

    • Smart Unemployment

      Hi Bill – Are you paying for health insurance and then receiving reimbursement for your former employer? Is this insurance plan part of COBRA?

  • Do I qualify for the COBRA Subsidy?

  • Please send to my E-mail concerning my rights under COBRA to obtain unemployment if I got fired.

  • I am currently self-employed effective June 1, 2009 and previously a former state employee of over 10 years with same company. What if I got fired and would I qualify for Unemployment from the Company under COBRA? I just find out about COBRA from a former employee and would like to know more about my rights on this matter. Thanks! Brenda

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