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Extended Benefits – July 15, 2010

  • Currently, if you are receiving a one of the tiers of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), you will be able to receive these payments until your current tier expires.
  • Once your current tier of EUC is finished, or if you have already received all of the benefits possible under EUC, you may be eligible for joint state / federal Extended Benefits (EB).
  • There are currently 12 states offering Extended Benefits:
  • Alaska – 20 weeks
  • Connecticut – 20 weeks
  • Kansas – 13 weeks
  • Minnesota – 13 weeks
  • New Hampshire – 13 weeks
  • New Jersey – 20 weeks
  • New Mexico – 20 weeks
  • North Carolina – 20 weeks
  • Oregon – 20 weeks
  • Puerto Rico – 13 weeks
  • Rhode Island – 20 weeks
  • Washington – 20 weeks

These figures for Extended Benefits are updated weekly, and are based on state-specific criteria, including the unemployment rate in your state.

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