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Extension Update – July 16th, 2010


  • Eligibility for additional tiers of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) expired on June 2nd.
  • Since then, 2.1 million people have lost their unemployment benefits.

New Legislation

  • The House of Representatives passed legislation (HR 5618) that would extend eligiblity through the end of November. The bill would also make benefits retroactive to June 2nd.
  • For the bill to become law, it must receive enough votes in the Senate, and then be sent to the President for approval.
  • So far, the required number of votes (60) in the Senate have not been met.

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What’s Changed?

  • The Democratic Senators in favor of the bill were short one vote because of the passing of Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia.
  • Today, the governor of West Virginia named Carte Goodwin as a successor to Senator Byrd.
  • Goodwin is to be sworn in on Tuesday (July 20th), and has indicated that he will support the extension.

What Next

  • It is now very likely that a new vote will take place next week after Senator Goodwin is sworn in.

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  • To cks,I plan to post your comment on the main page and rospend to it.Among other things, you were “clocked in” on her inarticulateness before her NYT interview transcript became public.But most of my post will be an endorsement and elaboration of that part of your post beginning: “One further note …”Thank you,John

  • Debbie

    I’m sorry, what about the rest of the Americans who’s unemployed with no money .I will be HOMELESS next week. I used to work for Human Services for 20 years and lost my job-so I know what resources are out there- nothing except for shelters and they are full.This is winter! How is a homeless person supposed to go to an interview with no shower? Explain to potential employers that sorry I am living in my car? I have filled out countless applications and have only gotten 6 intreviews-each time to be told I was second choice . When my phone is turned off next week how would a potential employer contact me? l I received my last payment last month. Now I hear others are receiving benefits for another year.The economy is supposed to be getting better! What am I supposed to do about my child? Turn my baby over to the father whom I was granted a permanent restraing order against because he almost killed me? Our goverment is leaving people with 3 choices prostitution, stealing or God forbid SUICIDE.
    Also how about the part that people who received 86 weeks of benefits will get benefits extended for another year I have received 88 weeks so to bad for me-I looked for a job when I lost mine with no luck so I was forced to file for unemployment after 6 weeks of looking -I should have starved and been homeless for the first 2 months and then I could get help!

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