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Is A Tier 5 Necessary?

Tier 5

Have you exhausted 99 weeks of benefits?

Are you recently unemployed, and only eligibile for 26 weeks of benefits?

Would a “Tier 5″ of Emergency Unemployment Compensation helpful you?

Thousands of Americans have received the maximium number of unemployment benefits in their state, and are asking “What Next?”

Let’s look at both sides of the Tier 5 debate:

People against a Tier 5 argue the following:

  • The country can’t afford it. An additional unemployment extension would increase the Federal deficit and the national debt.
  • 99 weeks is enough. With regular benefits lasting only 26 weeks, tier 5 opponents argue that at 99 weeks, unemployment recipients are already getting nearly 4 times the regular amount.
  • More benefits sends the wrong message. Those against a tier 5 (and unemployment extensions in general) think that extending benefits encourages people to not work.

Here’s what Tier 5 supporters have to say:

  • Government can afford it. With billions of dollars of government money to bail out the banks and fund foreign wars, the government has the ability to financially support a tier 5 extension.
  • The economy requires it. Many “99ers” argue that they are actively looking for work, but in an environment where there are 6 applicants for every 1 job opening, the math just doesn’t work.
  • Government should watch out for its people. This was the reason that unemployment benefits were created in the first place — to create a social “safety net”.

What is your view on a Tier 5 extension? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • DawnMarie Perez

    Are u kidding, im one of the original 99′ers, i havent had a steady income since March, im hurting, cant find work, most of the country is in a “major crisis” they need to extend the unemployment benefit to include tier 5!!! Govt programs help some but not much, all of us that have worked and put our time in, feel cheated and let down!!! were not asking for something that is not ours, thats why “unemployment” was created to ensure that the unemployed would get an income regardless, because of this situation there is NOW ALOT MORE HOMELESS, HUNGER AND CRIME!!! THEY NEED TO EXTEND UNPLOYMENT AND NOW!!! CONGRESS NEEDS TO WAKE UP TO THE REAL SITUATION THAT IS “OUT THERE” IN OUR “AMERICAN CITY AND STREETS” PLEASE HELP US!!! GIVE US WHAT IS OURS!!!

  • Warren

    Yes, there are people in this Country that NEED an extension of benefits beyond the 99 week limitation. We have spent Billions of dollars on the war in Iraq and now our people at home need help putting food on the table for their families. We are experiencing what it must have been like during the Great Depression in the 20′s. I think Congress needs to act on this and Quickly! Everyone that feels the way I do should be contacting their State Senators and people in the House and ask them to make this a priority!

  • Vicky

    I strongly support Tier IV unemployment, not only for myself, but the thousands of unemployed individuals that look every day for work and apply for every job that we should qualify for. I have worked since I was 16 years old and am now nearly 53, so I have paid into the unemployment fund for many years. I have been in the same profession for over 28 years and in management for 23 of them. Now I find it impossible to get a managment position because of all the competition for every job that comes available. There are so many younger contenders with degrees that require less income being snatched up before the older more experienced candidates. I have been on the other side of the interview table and I understand. I can’t even begin to add up the total jobs I have applied for that include many out of the realm of my experience and all I hear is “I am over qualified” or that others have “industry experience.” PLEASE CONGRESS…PASS TIER IV UNEMPLOYMENT FOR THE THOUSANDS OF US THAT NEED ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE. WE ARE NOT THE ONES IN LINE FOR WELFARE, GETTING FOOD STAMPS OR OTHER ASSISTANCE BECAUSE WE HAVE ALWAYS WORKED, OWN HOMES OR HAVE SPOUSES THAT ARE EMPLOYED WHICH DISQUALIFIES US. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR RESPONSIBLITIES. PLEASE HELP!

  • charlie

    I have been reading people write about themselves and their children not eating…I have read of people who have lost their homes…I have read about people that have lost everything including their dignity…I have read of suicides…If one of us does not vote to throw these self-serving politicians out…then it’s on us my friends ! No excuses PEROID !..I don’t care what you have to do…You must pass the word to relatives and friends and vote or never write again on our cause…

  • Harry

    I am currently unemployed and have been so for more than the 99 weeks permitted by the government.

    Given the current state of the economy, and with the Hindenburg Effect hanging over the Markets, the economy is not going to return to the state it was in before this country was put in the position of having a huge deficit as opposed to a surplus. If The Hindenburg Effect actually does affect The Market, and at this point in time it appears it very well may, this country will be in the worst condition in which it has ever been. Our population has grown exponentially since the 1930’s, so there will be that many more people in dire situations. The suicide rate has already increased. Just imagine what is looming as more and more educated heads of households lose their livelihoods and their homes. What will this do to this generation of children? We need to bolster the lower levels of the economy by helping the “average” American citizen. “We the people” need the government’s help to overcome this time of adversity. One cannot put a roof on a building that has no walls. Bailing out the banks and upper echelons is doing just that. We, who worked at everyday jobs, are the foundation, the walls, which hold the roof up there in place. Without us the roof will fall to the ground. At this moment in time, as far as my own country is concerned, I am not even alive. I am no longer counted among the unemployed and I am not counted among the employed. I am invisible and I do not exist. And no one cares.

    The people in elected positions would do well to remember who put them there and for whom they truly work. They should think of those whose interests they represent. Whatever their personal thoughts and feelings are is not why they were put in their positions. They were put there to put their constituents first and do what is best for them.

    Sending large amounts of money to help the citizens of other countries and bailing out institutions who give their chief officers millions of dollars in bonuses is not what this country was built on. It was certainly NOT that for which the Revolutionary War was fought. I know I am not alone and that there are millions of people across this country that are currently highly educated and uncompensated through no fault of their own. I know that every day thousands more people age out of the unemployment system. Gaining a Tier Five to get us a few more weeks may not be the answer either (though it would definitely be a good start) because when the Tier Five is over we will be right back to having zero income. The Tier Five should take us through August of 2011 when there may be the beginning of a recovery. Otherwise we will NEED a Tier Six or some form of income until there is some sign of a true economic recovery. What if instead of sending billions of dollars to foreign countries we give everyone who would qualify for a Tier Five Extension $200,000.00 tax free to pay back house payments and/or rent, as well as to pour money into the economy by being able to spend on food, groceries, consumables, and consumer products. This way we, the people who need it most and who are the foundation of this country, would be able to begin to rebuild the foundation of the economy so the roof will have somewhere to rest.

  • E.

    A Tier 5 Addition to Federal Unemployment Benefits is a direct economic stimulus! Checks received money spent on bills, rent, food, shelter….all the vitals to life. My neighbor in our nice, beautiful neighborhood is a 99er with two children, no one knows she is on unemployment or worried sick with no income. Her children needed school supplies, so I got them. Her utilities needed to be paid, so I paid them. Remember when we felt safe with our elected officials? Remember when we cared for our neighbors safety and well being?

    A Tier 5 is Vital to survival in the 2010 No Jobs Market! A Tier 6 may be needed in 2011. If so, allow it to be so!! Remember what a recession is or worse a depression! We are Americans! We spend billions on foreign aid and we cannot afford to help our own? Oh Yes we can! Yes we should!

  • Cindy

    Our government has the odasity to say we are freeloading. WHAT DO THEY CALL THEMSELFS? They have lived off of our tax dollar forever. THAT IS WELFARE YOU BUNCH OF BACKSTABBERS.
    Are you going to tell one child you will eat but your brother or sister cannot. Thats whats going to happen if you only help certain people who are unemployed in states under 10%. We dont tell only a certain few in government not to take vacations. Our welfare aid to them is free money. Its called taxes. THAT IS WELFARE GOVERNMENT! WELFARE! STOP PICKING AND CHOOSING WHO YOU WANT TO HELP AND PASS THE TIER 5 FOR EVERYONE! OR YOU SHOULD ALL BE ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLATION, MURDER, CHILD ABUSE AND FOR TURNING YOUR BACK ON THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO PUT YOUR STUPID ASSES WHERE YOU ARE. Unfortunatly even if they loose thier seat they will have a pay check for life. That needs to be changed. They do not have the right to be on WELFARE for the rest of thier 14 carat gold days. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE!!!!



    • DawnMarie Perez


    • Richard Crowell

      wow thats write now tey want to start a garbadge police to see if we r recycleing but the want to get rid of r teachers.. let the ppl run the state and tell the goverment to get fucked !!

  • [...] or not the extending unemployment benefits will help the economy is an issue which is hotly debated, and arguments on both sides have merit, but what about the human cost of not extending their [...]

    • Richard Crowell

      why should the goverment not take cuts but we the ppl should. the whole goverment should take a whole pay cut to save money not for the ppl to suffer like we are and they sit back not worring about the nxt pay check or howe to feed there family fuck the goverment let them mother fuckers starve and get rid of all the wet backs the fuck this whole country up whos on the walefare whos on gr whos on afdc whos in our schools taking up room the fucking wet backs fuck them kill em all or send them all home i hate not getting a job because i dont speek spanish fuck that i walk into a store all there is is wet backs workin and mexican music fuck that this is fucking america any wet backs reading this or mexicans fuck u all

  • Jane

    Now I know why some people sell drugs and their bodies. It just occured to me that I can sell those xanax on the street. I also have a lot of pain killers from my many surgeries. I just don’t want them to get in the hands of children.

    • Maria

      Our elective officials are cold and thick skinned. They make a lot of $$ and take good care of themselves and their families. I guess it does not bother them that they are going to eat well everyday, have a nice holiday dinner, go on vacation, drive nice expensive cars, send their kids to the finest schools and go play golf at the country club.

      They really do not care if any of us starve and turn to drugs or selling our bodies. They have no concious. Sad but true!

  • Jane

    I am out of unemployment too. Yesterday I was so depressed I took 9 full milligrams of xanax within 12 hours so I could just sleep for the entire day and night. I woke up this morning…not sure if I really wanted to. Monday I am going to the city to apply for a job at a strip joint waiting tables. Maybe if I do well here I can pay my rent and buy groceies. I have paid into the system since 1974. Now I am called a free loader.

    • carol


  • Harry

    An Open Letter to ALL True Americans –
    I have done nothing wrong. I have worked my entire life, paid taxes, taught children, and saved the lives of three human beings.
    I was let go from my place of employment over 99 weeks ago. I have gone through my savings since my unemployment has run out. I have sold anything of value, that would help me to survive, that I owned. I am one month from living in my car just as winter comes.
    I have been turned away from several fast food places, department stores, and small gift and card shops being told that not only was I over qualified but I would get bored and quit. These people do not know me. In this job market it is the hiring party who has masses of people from whom to choose. I WANT to work. I have ALWAYS worked. I need to work for more than just a salary.
    To ALL of those in Congress who believe that the long term unemployed should take drug tests before our checks are issued or who believe that creating a Tier 5 and/or a Tier 6 if necessary, would cause us all to live off the government and discourage us from looking for jobs, YOU ARE CATEGORICALLY MISTAKEN!!! There are NO jobs to find!
    Also you seem to have forgotten that YOU work FOR ME!! My taxes have paid your, quite large, salaries. My VOTE is what put you where YOU are now. You are required to do what is in the BEST INTERESTS OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL OPINION. Of the millions of long term unemployed who desperately NEED a Tier 5 over 95% are highly educated and currently uncompensated. They are not addicted to any substances nor are they out to live off of the government.
    We are a group of people who have done everything correctly and have been told by our government that we do not matter; more than that we do not exist. We are no longer counted as unemployed and we are not counted as employed. We have disappeared as far as our own country is concerned.
    An economy cannot survive by putting a roof on a building with no walls. The people who need this help are the ones who would boost the economy now by spending in stores, restaurants, purchasing consumables, and consumer goods. There should be no bailout of banks or sending enormous amounts of money to OTHER countries BEFORE helping our own citizens! Especially now with the “Hindenburg Effect” looming over the Stock Market. If this should come to pass the current economic crises would far surpass ANYTHING this country has ever seen. Our population has grown considerably since the 1930’s. You would do well to remember this!
    Our country was founded with the proviso that, “Should a government fail to govern it is the responsibility of its citizens to rise up and change the government.”
    Those of you who have been put into power by those of us who currently need your help would do well to remember for whom you work, and just to whom your first responsibility falls.
    We are not a bunch of free loaders who want a free ride from the government. However the fact that we NEED this at this current time is something that MUST be done. You MUST guarantee that we will get enough weeks to make into March, 2011 so that we will have a fighting chance at getting ANY job. There are millions of us across this country and every month thousands more join us. Just this month 500,000 more people became unemployed. We are the invisible highly educated and uncompensated!
    Thank You!

    • kirtu

      Harry – times are very rough. It may not be your style but organize a protest at the site of each company that feeds you the line that you are overqualified, will get bored and quit. It only has to be for a day. Also try to get the local news to cover the protest because this will have more of an effect. In fact we need to start a website that lists all the companies that refuse to hire peopel.

      • destiny

        Why do we sit and take it, If we protested in Washington, they won’t forget us THE 99ers. . Why don’t we Fight for our Rights like they did in the sixties.? Is any one organizing a protest, let me know, I don’t believe these idiots in Congress actually get it, because they wouldn’t disrespect so many hard working Americans, it funny 99ers aren’t listed as the present unemployed, they are the lost and


        I am also a 99er, People say to me how do you live on no income, If they only knew, I’ve solded everything, I went hungry, I went days depressed looking and looking too no end, wondering if things could change. I CAN’T FIND WORK, SO WHO EVER THE IDIOTS MAY BE IN WASHINGTON, That say there are jobs, drop me a line. CONGRESSMAN/ WOMEN ,GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND, THINGS ARE HORRIFFIC OUT HERE. Support tier 5 Destiny karaw492@yahoo

  • Dale

    I need the ext.I’ve been out of work since jan of 08.I’m 2 month’s behind on my rent phone got turned off.People in congress should worry about nov because I’m changeing my vote.

  • I exhausted all the 99 weeks of unemployment they should go head with the 5tier million people need money to pay bills

  • Lars

    I look for a job every day. I would do anything legal to support my family, and I. I’m told I’m either over qualified or they would just rather hire someone with less knowledge so they can get away paying them a lower rate. Which I’ve offered to take a lower pay to most places just get my foot in the door.. Still no luck. I drive all over San Diego County throughout the week going from interview to interview.

    I spend more in gas than I got from my unemployment insurance. Barely able to eat, or pay my bills.. Yet I rely on the money that I received from Unemployment, at this point I’m close to homeless now that I have been cut from Unemployment.

    I cant afford to make it to anymore interviews, and I really, really need a job.. I was in the Banking and Real Estate industry which where unfortunately the two worst professions to be in once this economic failure hit us. Plus I have extensive schooling, but yet I cant even get a job at the mall. This is down right ridiculous.

    We The American People need the Government which we The American People built, to step up and do there Jobs. Not over in other countries, but here in America. Our government is always worried about helping some other country, but wont come to the aid of Millions of Americans that need help here at home in their own Country. But I guess if our politicians get to go home to the white picket fenced homes. Then everything is okay..

    It seems the cheapest thing to do at this point is find a high enough bridge or building…..

  • Angie

    Of course, our fine government can take there vacations. What about the ones that pay their salaries that are about to live on the streets. I have been out of work for over 2 years. My electric will be shut off. Thankfully, my husband is working a couple of days a week. It still does not pay the bills or put food on the table. When are they going to give a shit about the voters who put them in office. Remember all these idiots at election time. Of course, they can bail out the rich who contribute to their campaign funds. How about them taking a salary decrease to pay for the extensions. I think this would be fair since we pay their salaries!

  • Shadow

    I am so sad to see all of these comments from people that are in the same situation as myself, only I am fortunate enough to have a roof over my head. But there is panic yet to come because my benefits have been exhausted and I can not afford to make my car payment to the bank & without a car I cannot look for work. We haven’t had cable or any extras for months & my car is in need of repair.

    My heart goes out to those of you who are feeling let down by the same system that we have paid our income taxes to for years, the same system that has denied the workers money but had no hesitation to pay huge amounts out to poorly run businesses. A tier 5 will only help short term, but it is better than nothing. Don’t give up.

  • Anonymous

    What is this 99 week thing? I live in MI. I have been out of work since 6-24-09 till now. I was told that I will recieve this last extention for 13 weeks. That will make it around a total of 72 weeks. And I can’t reopen the case because I have not worked in the last year. So where is the 99 weeks come from????? Because I’m not getting 99 weeks. I’m getting 72 weeks. So Peaple who have had 99 weeks of unemployment are asking for another? Not that I’m against that. I am not even getting what you have had already and I wil be done. Why am I not getting more time? Like everyone else I have been looking with no luck. I am a single father trying to raise my daughter. Their should be more time for everyone. This isn’t right at all. AND MOST OF ALL!!!!! WHY THE HELL ARE WE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE AT ALL WHEN WE ARE FALLING APART HERE???????
    The only way they listen is if there is a million man march or something. Maybe that is what’s needed. The quality of life in this country has been declining for years. Now it’s to the point of absalute despair.
    I like everyone else lost my job threw no fault of my own. And I don’t know how it is in anyone elses area. But jobs around here ALL have cut their wages way down. In most cases in half. A 16.00 an hour job is now a 8.00 an hour job. And you still can’t get that job because theres 300 people trying to get that job. I spent my youth working trying to build a future and now all I have is my house. Which I will loose as soon as I can’t pay the bill. But it’s not me I am worried about it’s my daughter. I think the goverment should have NO choice when it comes to helping it’s people. WE pay the tax’s. WE build this country. WE fight the wars. WE should not be denied what is RIGHTFULLY ours. People it’s our money. It’s about time they remember that. How can we be a great country if we don’t care about are own people? Why would you be trying to rebuild another country when are’s is falling apart? Why not rebuild are infostructure and employ people who are laid off first. We all go back to work everything gets rebuilt HERE! And the country could get back on it’s feet. Isn’t that how it was all built originaly by Rosevelt. The next great depresion is on it’s way. And as far as the numbers go. That won’t matter when they see more and more families on the street. Real shack towns like in the 30′s. Then They won’t be able to say uneployment is down. The people on the street will be the proof. I wish my fellow americans well and good luck.

  • I’m 59 yrs old! All my working life I’ve paid into the system!! One job alone for 25 yrs!!! The gov’t has sent billions for example to; the palistinians which as WE ALL KNOW has not gone to the people but has gone to the elements who buy weapons with that money to terrorize the only democracy in that part of the world, yet when the people who desperately need that money now,they are handed a crying towell and told you’re not looking hard enuf! I’m a (sad to say) 99er! I made a good life for my wife and 2 kids and we prospered but now, I’ve cashed in my 401k and took a big hit, I took an early retirement from my 25 yr job(a wooping 390.00), I cashed out my whole life insurance policy and now our wonderful gov’t “FOR THE PEOPLE” is going to lien my house because for the last 2 years out of work I haven’t paid my federal taxes! Hundreds upon Hundreds of billions are sent to country’s across the globe whenever a nation cuts its finger but what about us who put up the money in the first place so we would have a safety net when things get rough here? If the house,senate, and president can’t agree how to get us out of this fiscal depression they put us into, in the first place why can’t or won’t they help us with a “real unemployment extension” (not the smoke and mirrors they gave us) to get us through these hard times until the job market really comes back to life with something we can all sink our teeth into! I’m not crying, I’m just one NATURAL born citizen thats really pissed off at the men and women “We The People” voted into office for not voting for their special interest porky the pig pet project and stand up for the people they swore to serve and represent! Bythe way I’m a registered Republican but because of their disregard for their constituants I’m switching to Independent. Tea Party for me!! Nuff Said!

  • ned

    this incongrous and untenable political debate is another proof that the governemnt is not held by its primary purpose – to serve the citizens of the united states. Rather, the governemnt serves purposes and goals of a few and by large a small percentage of wealthy members of society.
    The wellfare, social services, UE including the aid for social programs and state governemnts does not even come close to the portion of the budget allocated to foreign services including all kinds of frivolous programs abroad instituted by the state department, military and prorgrams for bailing out corrupt corporations. when an individual is fiscally responsible he cuts exactly where the biggest expenditures are. Individually it means selling a house, moving to a cheaper place, and selling a luxury sedan that drains one’s income. How come the government is immune to these cuts.

  • Anonymous

    They are pretty good at making it look like unemployment is going down but really it’s going up the rate has dropped because people are loosing their unemployment and as soon as you loose it they don’t count you in the books anymore so they make it look like it’s going down. All the 99ers are still unemployed they just lost their benefits so it looks like the unemployment rate has gone down because their not in the books.

  • f**k the government

    I want to apologize now for what I’m about to do god forgive me I have an 8 yr old son and we r homeless now his mother left I have no choice but to go illegal I was an electrician for 15yrs but got laid off two yrs ago I’ve sold everything I own.but now I’m prepared to die if that’s what it takes for the weebeing of my son.I hope u heartless bastards r happy but I promise u this I will come c u before I let this happen.anyway I guess I’ll sell drugs it seems to b the most lucritive job in the us now but if that doesn’t work I’m gonna take things all I want to say is I’m embarassed to b an American my father and grandfather fought for this country and lost their lives and for what?so these crooks can turn their backs on us .republicans I hope ur worlds collapse around u and trust me when it gets bad enough it will but from deep in my heart f*ck everyone of u bastards all these dead Americans from the war and u use it as a money machine y don’t u get someone to take ur diapers off and b men and get a gun and go fight o I forgot ur all a bunch of p**sies I bet if u had to go this war would have been over a long time ago anyway hopefully ull all die soon and we can get competent leaders

  • Jason

    I have exhausted all of my 99 weeks of unemployment. I feel that they should get a tier 5 going. It doesnt give a signal to support people not to work it helps keep the working american on there feet until they can find work. I have been out of work for over a year and i live in one of the worst cities to find a work due to the econmoy keeps dropping down in SW Florida. I just had a child on July 28, 2010. Unemployment is to help the peoplle that have a working past and want to work not to fund the poeple that don’t want to work and in order to get unemployment you have to have had a job first. Ofcourse parts of the government aren’t voting for this for us all due to the fact that they do not know what it is like to not have work and to be struggling.I vote yes on the tier 5. Trust me if someone walked up to me and offered me a job making 5 and hour i would do it right now just so that i have work and can support my family. We as american are having a very difficult time due to Bush destroying the econmoy.

  • Judy C.

    My ninety nine weeks ended in mid-march. I have scrapped borrowed and sold everything I owned from working my entire life. Ive been a single mother for seventeen years, and have worked my entire life to provide for my son. Now we are about to be evicted and the lights are about to be turned off. I am desperate and considering doing something illegal to provide for my family. Dont have a clue what else to do.

  • is tis the way the u.s. thins out its population. are we not of more value than other countries needs right now!

  • Steven Embrey

    I worked for 40 years, now I’m 61 and feel this country that I fought for as an Infantry Soldier, in Viet Nam 40 years ago is turning it’s back. I am a registered Republican, but it will be a cold day in HELL… before I support any Republican again…..For anyone to say that I’m not trying to find work because on the stipend called Unemployment is both offensive and insensitive. a Republican President and Congress got us in this mess,,,and now you turn a deaf ear…Shameful

  • donnamarckese

    we need a tier 5 asap people like us are gonna lose everything so please help us

  • Anonymous

    All I got to say is that the goverment want people to start stilling and rob store to get food for their family. What are they thinking about..All i say that the depression is coming and the goverment just dosen’t want to say it.And all these bad things that are going to happen is going to be all their fault. We need a tier 5 ASAP. Wake up and act now….


    Of course we need teir 5 passed ,we were laid off due to the economy ,not because were lazy and looking for handouts. Its common sense jobs are 10 times harder to get a job now then when this whole thing started, If anything we need it more then anyone else ,because now we are totally broke and there are still “NO JOBS”!

  • Kimberly

    Coming up on 2 years unemployed, 4 year degree, dedicated to hard work. Is this right? Can’t afford my rent, car payments, food, etc… Not to mention gas to fill my tank and drive around looking for work. Not sure intranet will be on much longer. It costs money to even look for a job. Come on and cut the 99er’s a break. This is getting unbearable. I’m sure the ones deciding to cut us out of the measly unemployment benefits aren’t missing a meal****

  • Jane

    I have been laid off for 2 years and have collected most of my tier 4 but not all of it since we were all cut off June 2nd. Now it looks like I will get my last 7 weeks and then cut off. I will be one of the 99′s. I have lost my house in foreclosure, moved to a different town,and rarely get to see my family. I am 53 and have health problems so it is hard for me to find a job i can physically and mentally do. I am not eligable for disability because they say I’m not sick enough. Am I suppose to go to work at minimum wage, standing and lifting all day when I can barely lift myself out of bed everyday? I have worked since I was 14 years old picking produce in a field before I could enter the workforce at 16. Now it seems I paid social security and unemployment taxes for 38 years and have gotten very little in return. If anyone thinks we areliving on this small pittens then TRY IT! All it does is pay the rent on a dumpy house and buy some groceries at best. I use to live in a very nice house and had a good savings. It is all gone! HELP US!

  • Leslie

    Until the unemployment rate is as high as it is which is almost 10% then YES a tier 5 is needed. Charity starts at home……Is this America!

  • melynda

    i have been without a job for over 2 years now. We need a tier 5. i was laid off twice because my job went to India. What happened to caring for the Americans??…How are we suppose to live and pay our bills?..Does anybody out there care about us 99ers?…i have looked for a job until i am blue in the face…and noone wants to hire someone that is going to be 50…i would rather have a job than sitting at home..i cant pay my rent or bills..what am i suppose to do..it makes you want to jump off a bridge because noone cares…please help the american people that lost their jobs of no fault of their own but the governement that wants to take care of everybody in the world but its own people.

  • louvina


  • James

    I agree with everyone to where we need a tier 5. My wife has been looking for enployment…going back to school, sent tons of resumes out, and just went to an employment agency and they told it it is hard getting a job in her new field because she does not have experience. Its not only Republicans but Democrates as well that need to relieze this is important. They choose to ignore it and collect their big saleries and help their rich supportors. Both parties created this problem..now they need to see the people they hurt.

  • Sharon

    Every Company you work for has to send in taxes for your unemployment every 3rd quarter in a year from 100.00 to 150.00 dollars. You times that by the years you have worked and see how our scandalous our country gets away with money that was put aside on your behalf. They make these companys pay this tax and our government have the nerve to say they don’t have it to pay you. I worked over 20 years time that money that was given to the goverment for unemployment insurance. No one talks about this. how money is bein taken out for you from businesses you’ve worked for. We should be getting unemployment for way more than 99 weeks- compared to the money that was sent to the government.Where is all that money gone to. Lets talk about that. Some scandalous crap needs to be said. It’s just like the social security-where is all the money they took from my paycheck and now talking about there will be no social security in a few years for me.Lets get this information out there in the news-cause if I worked for 20 years and you can only give me a years worth of unemployment-this scandalous shit needs to be addressed.

  • Anonymous

    we all need a 5th tier because our money is down to nill and we have to pay our bills. Also, things are so bad that we have to sell our home on a short sale because we cannot afford to pay our mortgage anymore. Please help us all.

  • Diane

    I am a 99 er. My landlord thinks I am getting an extension. I have lost my benfits 2 and half months ago. But still no job. Am I looking yes every waking hour and I have a lot of them as I worry. So the landlord thinks I am getting the ext. This I hope will last for a couple of weeks. Because after that I am out on the streets. Think the Gov. has a pamlet that will show me how to make it on the street, because I have worked for over 40 yrs and I am 59. I think that my age is not helping. I have only had 3 interviews and I have sent out of hand delivered over 1500 resume. I dont know what I am going to do. I guess I should just end my life as soon I will not have one anyway.

  • Kathy

    I collected for 99 weeks of partial unemployment and worked part-time. I have used up all of my benefits and I now work for approx. $80.00 a week.
    I live in a small town and the only jobs available are truck driver, roofers and nurses. I am qualified for none of these jobs. I do accounting. So what I am saying is I’m not to lazy to work I have been. I went from $50,000.00+ a year to $4500.00. How am I to live? I feel my country should help me when I am in need. They help other countries when they don’t even want our help.

  • roe oconnor

    We are in desperate need of help from the government. I have worked 32 years and got laid off in june 2008. I can not ever find a job at the mall or Friendly’s. I would do anything legal to support my family. We need help in return for what we paid into for many years. If 99 weeks were enough more people would be working. I look for a job every day.

    Please help.

  • Brian

    Your dam right we need it and I am getting sick of these republicans. Lets see these f!@#$%s work for 25% of what they get now or try unemployment. Thats ok wait until the mid term elections it is going to be the biggest turn out of voters ever and these stupid f!@#$%g unAmerican republicans can try unemployment.

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