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The American Jobs Act and You

Last night, September 8th, 2011, President Obama addressed Congress and the nation, unveiling his new stimulus plan: The American Jobs Act.

What does this plan entail, when will it be implemented, and, most importantly, how does it impact you?

New Jobs

The primary focus of the American Jobs Acts is new jobs. Specifically, the President highlighted four areas where the program will stimulate job creation:

  • Construction: Projects to improve basic infrastructure, roads, and schools will help employ thousands of workers in construction related fields.
  • Teachers: Aid to state and local governments will help keep teachers employed by using funds to prevent layoffs.
  • Veterans: Businesses will be given tax credits for hiring returning veterans.
  • Long-Term Unemployed: Employers will receive a $4,000 tax credit for hiring long-term unemployed workers. Note: They are defining “long-term” as six months or more.

Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Another important aspect of the American Jobs Act is an extension of unemployment benefits until the end of 2012. This extension continues the benefits put in place last year (up to 99 weeks of total benefits, depending on your state). These extensions were set to expire at the end of 2011.

At the present time, additional weeks beyond the 99 week total have not yet been discussed as part of this program.

What’s Next?

In order for the changes proposed in the American Jobs Act to take effect, Congress must pass the legislation. President Obama expects there to be support for the program from both Democrats and Republicans. That said, it is fair to assume there will be some debate on various aspects of the proposals leading up to the voting, which is expected to take place this month.


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6 comments to Extension Update 090911

  • GP

    I think the President wants to give employers incentive to hire the jobless. If you are out of work for less than 6 months, they get $2,000 tax credit if they hire you, if you are out for more than 6 months they get double that. Most companies though have a stereotype in their heads that if you are out of work that long, there is something wrong with you and they don’t want to hire you. They have no idea what the reality is because it has not effected them personally. Congress won’t pass the bill without budget cuts to other programs to pay for it, and there really isn’t much left to cut; they won’t agree that the wealthy should pay more taxes, so we will just be left hanging out to dry with nothing. No matter what happens we must vote in November 2012 and vote out the Republicans who do not care about any of us.

  • C-LOW


  • john lavan

    The American Jobs Act is nothing more than political pandering.It is nothing more tham feeding the Unions that have so staunchly supported Obama.Why,for example, is the state aid proposed in the Act only targeted at preventing teacher layoffs.It would seem to me that this is rewarding and perpetuating one of the truly broken systems within America.It is time that we stopped throwing money at the whinning teachers union and putting money into overhauling this horribly broken system,including ending tenure and holding them to some form of accountability,a process to which they have been immune.

    President Obama Stop Pandering and get your act together.

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