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How Many Weeks of Unemployment Benefits?

While unemployment is an important national issue, the amount of benefits you can receive really depends on your state.

With the current tiers of extensions, 60 weeks is the minimum total number of weeks you can collect, while nearly half of all states grant up to 99 weeks of total benefits.

The graph below (compiled by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) outlines the number of weeks available across the country. The information is current as of June 5th, 2011.



Note: The total number of weeks includes both EUC and EB. In Missouri, 99 weeks are available if you initially filed prior to April 13, 2011. For those who filed after this date, 76 weeks are available.

Future Extensions

As the law currently stands, unemployment extensions are available for Americans filing for benefits through the end of 2011. Last week, President Obama mentioned in a press conference that he may consider a further extension into 2012. This will require approval from Congress, and there should be news on this in coming weeks.



34 comments to How Many Weeks of Unemployment Benefits?

  • diana

    I would like to know if I can get more weeks of unemployment in the state of ga I have already got 22 weeks is there any kind of ext in ga for they aid mine was done

  • mark

    I do agree with a lot of you, but a lot of this is simply the fault of employers. for example myself was at my job 14years never wrote up once and simply make a comment on my facebook page my boss was a jerk. they fred me. so yeah I gonna milk the unemployment if because that’s a piss poor reason to get rid of someone.

  • thattxguy

    The reason you see so many people getting fed up with folks collecting unemployment is at we know people who are not looking for work and living it up on our tax dollars. The government has made it too easy to collect. While I nothing against helping those who need help, I don’t like to see people driving better cars than me, spending their time at the lake playing on their jetski, texting on their iphone and not even looking for a job. Yes, I know a guy who is doing all the things I mentioned. I see far too many pay for their groceries with welfare cards and go out and get in a brand new truck. Those are the ones we see and remember, it is a little frustrating.

  • Susan Underwood

    Gees, can’t believe all the people here BEGGING for more handouts.Also, the rudness of replies. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s post, don’t have to treat them inhumanely. Please, respect one another.

    Fact is, America just can’t continue supporting everyone. Why are we almost 16 Trillion in debt? EVERYONE wants free everything. I feel for you losing your unemployment,(I have been unemployed many times thoughout my career, I finally became self-employed, starting my own business) but have you applied for ANY job? Will you work in fast food? Will you work as a janitor? Use to, people had enough dignity to take ANY job rather than sponge off the taxpayers. Swallow your pride and challenge yourself to take charge of your life. You may have to adjust your standard of living…..low cost rent…..used car…no cable….but you will feel good about your survival skills and thrive on climbing the success ladder all over again. Try to see things positively. Best wishes to everyone out there.

    • Victoria

      positions. The other factor is that employer’s do not want to hire people the range in the age between 45 and 60 In addition, the whole jobe market of how you apply for a job has changed over the internet. Like wise, On the internet there is not laws about application requirements. Employers ask the affirmative action questions when you fill out applications as well as ask you if you are under or over 40 years old. People who say you need to try harder have no idea how the job market has changed and how corporations govern everything now. and if you don’t have a bachelors degree you might as well think about working at McDonald’s and they are so many personality assessment etc.. and if you don’t get it done in the time frame they want you to are booted out of the system. the ignorance and lack of understanding of what the issues are frustrating no one want’s to be on unemployment but it is so frustrating of what the new society of the recession bring on.

      So show some compassion and educate yourself on understanding what the real issues are.

  • How much longer do you think everyone has before Obama screws with medicare?

  • Cranky In Carolina

    I have been unemployed since June 2010… Didn’t qualify for benefits until August 2010 because my company paid me a severance … It was hush money to go away and not sue them for wrongful dismissal) I have applied to every single job that I qualified for and a bunch that I didn’t. I am by profession a recruiter so I know where to look and how to do it… Here I sit December 2011 and just finished Tier 3 and cannot get a straight answer out of the folks at unemployment to save my life!!!! THREE PEOPLE in the same unemployment office say THREE DIFFERENT THINGS about what I am qualified for… COME ON PEOPLE… It is scary enough to not have a job in this economy, but then when you can’t even agree on what is in front of ONLY YOU on a computer… Finally I called the 800 Gods (Raleigh, NC BIG UNEMPLOYMENT GODS) and the rudest woman said to me “why are you calling me, what did they tell you at the office”… EXCUSE ME… I was given the number after the local ESC didnt have an answer…THAT IS WHY I AM CALLING YOU!!! Still, no clear answer… do I qualify for Tier 4 or EB? I don’t know… their answer seems to be… Just keep filing your weekly certification… WHAT?

    Well, now I sit here in my apartment… have lost my house…and my car which I purchased about a year before I lost my job… scared to death that I will be homeless next…

    My question…. Why do they make it so difficult to figure out what we are entitled to… and the reason I say this is that THE PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR UNEMPLOYMENT ARE CONFUSED… so how does John Q public even begin to figure it out…

    Thanks for letting me vent and I wish all of you the best of luck and blessings on regaining our lives…

    • The King

      Gee, I guess you’ll be eating out of the dumpster soon wontcha?

    • Shy

      I’m not really sure why these people are responding to you in such a rude manner. Yet they are saying that you are an ass..go figure. Insipid little trolls combing the internet to make others feel bad. Honey. I feel your pain. I, myself, live in NC and I was let go from a job because of a non-work related automobile accident. I was terminated one week before my doctor released me to go back to work full time. It took 18 calls, Yes! 18 calls before I finally got an answer about my benefits. I did start receiving them right away, however, but NO ONE would answer any of my questions. I called Raleigh as well and spoke to the rudest person that I have ever came across in my entire life. I have never been unemployed for longer than a couple of weeks until now and it is very disheartening. I have been on countless interviews and have been told by the majority of them that I am “over qualified” and that I “won’t stay” once they train me when / if a better offer comes along. It is very humbling to go from being the Sr. Procurement Analyst for a chemical company to applying at Walmart and being turned down. What are we supposed to do? There are jobs out there, it is just that for every one job, there are about 30 applicants. Employers can afford to be choosy and they are often taking the lowest bidder (meaning who will take the less amount of pay) because they know that they can. They no longer have to negotiate for pay because someone else will come in and do the job for less than you. I found this out on 3 occasions. Unfortunately 2 of the jobs that hired someone that was less qualified than myself has been through 2 or 3 Procurement Analysts since they decided to take the cheaper labor. Alas, I guess you get what you pay for. Good luck in your search honey. There are MANY companies looking for staffing recruiters. I see them on Careerbuilder and Monster, even the Joblink website almost everyday. I’m not sure why you are having such a hard time *shrugs* But again, Good luck dear.

  • GP

    First, there are millions of people who are not going to get jobs anytime soon because the jobs are not there.

    Economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich says unemployment in the U.S. will most likely remain high for the next 10 years. “At the current rate of job growth (averaging 90,000 new jobs per month over the last six months), 14 million Americans will remain permanently unemployed,” Reich writes in his blog.

    Second, what happens to the 14 million people who will not get jobs when this is a ten year long problem according to the head of the Secretary of Labor? The govt. has to do something to provide housing, food and basic necessities of life, and welfare doesn’t do that. In NY the maximum welfare housing allowance (in the suburbs outside of NYC) is $465 month, a studio or 1 bedroom apartment is anywhere from $1,000 – $1400 month. So what is $465 going to provide? Welfare is for people who have no skills, have severely dysfunctional lives and they are kept at $6,000-7,000 year here with no hope of ever getting out of that.

    Suggestion, the govt. has tons of foreclosed homes, rather than adding to that due to unemployed people losing their apartments and homes, why not give the unemployed their homes or a home and subsidize that, because a welfare hotel for a homeless person is more than $5,000 a month and they are slums. Why put unemployed persons on the welfare rolls when there is no money for welfare programs in the first place? Makes no sense.

    If the govt. puts 14 million unemployed people on welfare, there will be a revolution in this country, we did nothing to cause the fiscal mismanagement. Wall Street got bailed out, what did we get? Begging for a few more weeks of unemployment? The car companies got bailed out, what about us? Hiding from the repo man? How much degradation do working Americans have to endure, our money and jobs go overseas and we sit here with nothing. This isn’t right in America.

    • The King

      There’s not going to be a revolution. Quit complaining, sober up and get a job.

      • Mark

        King or should I say, Court Jester!

        Your an ass! I hope you are put in this position so you can feel what it is like. You are proabably one of those Pieces of Sh_t that protected by the union because that is the only way you could keep your job!!!! America has to deal with this crap everyday and there are 1000′s of your type, that get protected so what do companies do? They move out of the country, so thanks CJ you were one of the idiot people who have not done their job but got the bail out!!!

      • marrisa

        King- You’re obviously angry and unintelligent….. Did the mention of welfare sting? Are you bitter due to your financial circumstance? OR… are you just a moronic asshole?! Heed my warning… assholes get f**ked in the end.

  • Jesse herring

    I have been without work for 2 years many others longer than that I am a 99er I still cant find work I live right I voted for the first time in my life for obama and was proud todo so I have lost my home my job my wife now tell me how do I tell my little girl daddy cant feed her I have nothing I feel less of a man each day for god sakes help us please

  • Where are the jobs?

    If our government can not create an atmosphere for new jobs then HUMAN UP and PAY UNEMPLOYMENT until you professional politicians can fix the problem. I HAVE LOST ENUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hawk8414

    Well, I have only 2 more weeks of unemployment to go after that, I’m exhausted and the lady at the unemployment office told me that since I was only eligible for 13 weeks that I will not be eligible for an extension.
    I was illegally let go from my job after I got hurt the night before. I did everything i was supposed to and reported it and everything. I went by the book and they let me go the very next day and it was a minor injury but They still let me go. The temp agency I work for hasn’t found me a job yet,and I called the labor Board investigator and told her what the situation is and so she at least knows.
    So, after next week,i’m tapped out.
    They said herein NC, you have to have at least 16 weeks of benefits in order to get an extension. I was only only able to draw for 13 weeks and our unemployment numbers just went up top 10.5% thru the entire state.

    I don’t know what to do anymore after this.

  • William C Walker

    I am one really Pissed American the Usa goverment Owes me over almost $200,000 in Socical security that I paid to them , and theey’er giving us shit about helping us out when they let all are jos go to other countries. F*** other cooutries, and Worry about us for a change they hate us any way , so who cares if we piss them off by not buying ther shit, they all hate us anyway, least we could feed are families.

  • William C Walker

    Morons worry about the Usa and screw the rest , they hate us anyway , think smart not stupid

  • Well all I know is that I am a 99 and I can’t find a job anywhere….who wants to hire people that are over 50 not many people that I know of…..All the people that were born into wealth or just came over to this country and get to have medical (thru the state) and cash assistance (again thru the state)…must be nice I have been working since I was 16 can’t get any help thru the state and have medical issues that need to be addressed. I have sent out numerous resumes but nothing yet…HELP I’M DROWNING….

    • Gene

      Sassy – You can go to MExico, sneak across the border, pretend you do not speak ENglish, apply for welfare, food stamps, go to Santa Ana for your ‘Social Security’ card, apply for social security and medicare and medical, go to a local church for food and home and other services – now you have all you need- food, shelter, a place to stay. moeny, and medical care. PLus, you can send your kids here in Santa Ana or GArden Grove for free to you, and share their free breakfasts and lunches – they’ll let you in for that. ALso free vaccinations for the kids, free hearing aids and all sorts of other specialized help for the kids if they need it, free classes for you at the local junior colleges and help to find work – apply at one of the many Santa Ana junior colleges for that. There is a lot more for illegals in this country- but not for the people who play by the rules. Give you ideas?


  • Bj

    I have been out of work for 2 1/2 years.I am 55 & and have sent out hundreds of resume & can’t get interviews.It seems like know one will give me a change to show them I can learn anything.I have worked & payed in tax’s since I was 16yrs old & have never been out of work this long.It is a shame that the USA can help everyone but the working people that have worked all there life in the USA & payed in tax’s.And now we don’t even know if all the SSI that we payed in will be the when we are old.
    How can it hurt to charge the rich poor tax’s to help the ones that are out of work.When I made more money or worked 10 hour days.They took a lot more out on me.And the people that have no much will never miss it.It is wrong when some people have so much & some have nothing.

    • Bob North

      I too have been out of work for a few months. At the age of 62 not many companies will look at you. Either you are too old or might cause an increase on their company health insurance cost.

    • GP

      If they can’t create jobs, they will have to lower the social security age so people can start collecting, or they will have to extend unemployment until people can get jobs. They can’t add 14 million people to the welfare rolls and that is the next step after unemployment runs out and you have nothing. But if you go on welfare, you automatically get Medicaid (medical insurance), once they start paying those bills for 14 million new welfare recipients, they will realize they should have (if they don’t) did something for the jobless.

  • Linda

    Please help Mr. Obama to pass the law for those who depend on unemployment
    money for those who have nothing but this to live on. It is so hard to just get by——-for the year of 2012—please please help us. May God Bless.

  • Charlene Barnett

    How do I go about gettine an extension, my unemployment will be going out in three weeks.

  • [...] Unemployment Extensions – How Many Weeks of Benefits? Recent Posts [...]

  • [...] Unemployment Extensions – How Many Weeks of Benefits? Recent Posts [...]

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