Job Creation: What is Washington Doing?

Washington is in the process of taking steps to help encourage job growth throughout the country. This week, we highlight the debate taking place over the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program.


What is Trade Adjustment Assistance?

According to the Deparment of Labor, the Trade Adjustment Assitance program “was created to provide benefits and services to workers who become unemployed due the impact of international trade.”

Essentially, if your job was impacted because of foreign imports or because of a shift in production outside of the United States, Trade Adjustment Assistance provides additional benefits, specifically:

  • additional cash payments (up to 156 weeks) if you are enrolled in training (for new or additional skills)
  • re-employment assistance
  • job search allowances
  • relocation allowances

The benefits available under TAA were expanded greatly under the Recovery Act in 2009. In February of this year, however, the expansions to Trade Adjustment Assistance program expired.


What is the Current Debate?

Democrats want to reinstate the provisions of the TAA that were put in place as of 2009.

Republicans are concerned about the cost of the program, which would be approximately $7.2 billion over 10 years, and would be funded by the government taking on more debt.

President Obama is looking to Congress to renew the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. At the same time, free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama are also being discussed.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the free trade agreements. The President is considering passing the free-trade agreements only if Congress agrees to bring back the TAA at 2009 levels.


What Does This Mean for You?

If Trade Adjustment Assistance is included with the free trade deals …

  • You may be able to receive additional benefits and training — if your previous job was impacted by a shift in production to another country that has a free trade agreement with the U.S. Alternatively, you may also be eligible if your job was directly impacted by imports.
  • We will provide more details as these discussions unfold.


More Programs

In the coming weeks, we will highlight additional programs that Washington is undertaking to help create job growth.

Also, we continue to follow all legislation related to unemployment benefits and extensions, and will keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.


1 comment to Job Creation: What is Washington Doing?

  • dave

    how about jobs for electricians ,plumbers ETC .even after reagan did the same thing in in 1989 without the added mortgage backed securities fraud etc I always found work as a electrician job security was one of the few benifets of beeing a licensed tradesman i feel we have been hit hardest and should get adition help i have never been without work i only worked 1 month since 2007 last job lasted 2 weeks they hired me at the end of 2010 to get the tax hire credit then just laid me off lame policy if the banks dont loan then the president needs to take control of the banks and not worry what the gop will about socializm garbage do what roosevelt did and the peoplw will elect him.I also feel there should be a new 3rd term added that is availble to presidents who want it and have proven acording to data simular to forbes magazines numerical value on presidential performance if it was availble when clinton finished in 2001 he could have ran for a 3 rd term looking at his numbers i can only imagine how good our economy would have done and still be doing now if clinton was given 4 more yrs to help people like me he double my wages as an electrician in 7 years finaly going above where they were in 1988 . I will always remember how good life was after the mid 1990s all the way up tp sept 11th I am not big on politicians but clinton did alot for me and alot people who have no idea oh well life goes on and now its a mess ,it didnt have to be this way i just hope were not done for good and jion the soviet union as failed nation ,I just hope obama wakes up and starts beening more agressive he seems to act like were just in a resesion the last time this happen it took world war 2 to finaly get jobs to all that wanted one we dont have 15 yr or more to waste

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