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New Bill Seeks To Prevent Discrimination Against Unemployed Americans

Earlier this month, Representatives Rosa DeLauro (Connecticut) and Henry Johnson, Jr. (Georgia) introduced the Fair Emplyoment Opportunity Act of 2011. The aim of this legislation is simple: To prevent employers from discriminating against unemployed Americans.

Unemployed Need Not Apply?

Companies looking to hire are increasingly including language in their “Help Wanted” postings that prevents applicants who are out of work from applying for a job opening. You may have encountered the following language:

    “Applicant must be currently employed.”

The Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011, also referred to as HR 2501, would prevent employers from such discrimination. The bill would also apply to employment agencies, who would not be allowed to ask about the current employment status of job applicants.

“In a tough job market, where workers are competing against tens and sometimes hundreds of others for every available job opening, it is unjust for employers to discriminate against those who are unemployed. We have seen ample evidence that unemployed individuals are increasingly falling prey to discriminatory practices reducing their opportunities to be considered for a job. The Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011 would prohibit employers and employment agencies from discriminating against unemployed job-seekers, and ensure that all Americans have the same opportunities for employment.” — Representative Rosa DeLauro

What’s Next?

The bill was referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on July 12th, and there are currently 30 co-sponsors of this new legislation.

We will keep you updated as progress is made on this bill, as well as Tier 5, and other unemployment-related items being discussed in Congress.



Your Experience?

Have you encountered discrimination as a result of being unemployed? Please feel free to share your experience below.


11 comments to New Bill Fights Unemployment Discrimination

  • Argent

    Oh please. They get around age discrimination by asking applicants to “get the ball rolling” and fill out paperwork for a background check immediately. I just filled out an application for Sheetz and for Food Lion – they BOTH wanted my social security number before even meeting me. I also had to electronically agree to a background check prior to hiring. This gives them my age, immediately. (It’s 50).

    I was just contacted last week by a recruiter who had a job for which I was an absolutely perfect fit. He was gung ho. After I filled out the electronic background check info, he cooled down and then I got an email that said: “we’re sorry, we’ve already filled the position.” Well if they’ve already filled the position, why did they contact me????

    I can’t get a job gargling peanut butter and it’s because of the length of my unemployment and my age. My benefits are due to run out. What do I do then? Starve? Oh wait. There’s a new term for starvation, since that’s too ugly. It’s “Food Insecure.”

    Something needs to be done to regulate corporate america. NOW. What do we do about it?

  • janetredwine

    they will still discriminate against you even if this law passes they can do what ever they want and get away with it go march with all those other disenfrancised and dismayed individuals march on washinton, wall street and anywhere until our gov officials get the drift that we are not gonna take it anymore people are homeless and hungry if that is not telling you it is time to revolt then we might as well all just roll over and die now

    • 99isenough

      Ok, it’s been three months,,,, how’s that “revolt” doing for you?

      You don’t have to “roll over and die”,, you just have to get a job.

  • Realist

    This is silly next they will say you can not discriminate against someone who does not have a college education. This whole concept if caloing it discrimination is an insult to people who suffered through the civil rights movement. People who have been discriminated against because of race or gender should be outraged by this cheep attempt attempt to get the votes of the unemployed. My wife has been unemployed for over a year and I do not expect her to get any help from the government

  • Carol

    When a friend of mind finally got a job after a long search, she was happy about it, and she assumed the worse was over, but no, it was just the beginning. The building was similar looking to a dungeon, but she did what she had to do. Turns out her first impressions were right. Not only did she face sexual harassment, constant belittling of only the woman by her boss, but also frightening threats. Also, Managers that want it all but don’t have the experience and wind up in small companies, constantly try to undermine people they think are too smart and are a threat. What they pull is everything you do, they put their nose into it and try to get you to be subservient to them constantly with constant put downs in front of boses. They learn from you and use that information to make themselves look good. This way they make it so you have no responsibility. It is constant degrading, but the sad fact is that they use you for your experience and knowledge that they don’t have. Also, they are getting away with not following employment laws. People are working under bad conditions with unbearable heat, without ventilation, or proper ac. They faint and get sick, but they are afraid to complain for fear of not having any work. If you are out of your element on a job, at this point in the economy, there is no place to turn to improve yourself without the Government stepping up to the plate and discouraging discrimination. Even if you are working, recruiters will look at the gap in employment with ridicule, and you never hear from them again. These agencies take advantage of the unemployed, by calling them and getting leads and names, and once that is done, you can never get them on the phone, nor will they answer e-mails. When you are professional and educated in your field that isn’t going to change if you are out of work because that is the person you are. Jobs have the audacity to say skills are lost. That’s an excuse to pay lower wages by corporations and to keep it that way. I had problems myself being skilled and trained (working for a Fortune 500 Company) and taking my skills to a lesser company, I found the company treated people wrongfully and without regard for them as employees. They broke all the employment laws. I had one woman boss who got her own business but couldn’t run it. When her kids got sick, she would stand over people and cough on them. She loss her business, and she deserved to. This is what happens when again you are in the wrong work. I took a great loss on this job.

  • Carol

    The long-term unemployed need this desperately, as well as people stuck in bad job because of no opportunity out there for them. They sacrificed their education for low paying jobs where they don’t fit in and will not be given a chance to move up and have what they deserve. They are not given a chance. This economy and the discrimination toward workers is killing the drive to even try. People are accepting their unwanted circumstances because of being between a rock and a hard place. It is not right for this to happen while politicians are filling their pockets up by getting high salaries, paid health insurance, and perks while American people go straight downhill and pay the price for them to live high.

  • Cully

    Sad, but true. I wrote about this actually happening to me here:


    I hope this Bill passes because the NLRB and EEOC have done nothing to stop this.

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  • Carol Meister

    yeah i hope it passes too.

  • George

    HOpefully this bill passes. It seems like every job website has postings that say “you must be currently employed”. It makes no sense to me. If I’m qualified for the position, why wouldn’t they even consider looking at my resume?

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