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Skills for America’s Future – An Unemployment Extension Alternative?

Jobs are the critical focus in America’s economy right now. With the official unemployment rate at 9%, and the unofficial rate nearing 20%, getting Americans back to work is finally receiving some attention in Congress.

While unemployment extensions are important survival mechanism for millions of Americans, ultimately jobs will be the solution to the unemployment situation in this country.


Skills for America’s Future

Last year, President Obama announced the Skills for America’s Future Program. This program partners community college students with leading companies to to develop industry knowledge, training programs, and job placements.

The President announced an expansion of the program in a speech earlier this month, emphasizing the need for jobs.

Skills for America’s Future states that its goal is to “help provide 500,000 community college students with industry-recognized credentials that will help them get secure jobs in the manufacturing sector”.


Manufacturing Jobs?

Once a thriving part of our economy, the manufacturing job sector has shrunk as a result of outsourcing and a shift to a service based economy. Politicians have increasingly been talking about ways to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which currently employs over 11 million Americans.

The news often reports that there are jobs available, but not enough people with the right skills to fill these job openings. Skills for America’s Future aims to help close that gap — with a focus on training people for the “high-skills” jobs that are in demand.


How Does This Program Help You?

For students who are in the process of completing their degrees, Skills for America’s Future will help with appropriate training in science, technology, engineering and math, as well as with job placement.

Note: Americans of any age can take advantage of these educational and training programs, and many times classes are available online. If you are currently receiving unemployment insurance (whether regular benefits or unemployment extensions), now may be the time to find an opportunity to enhance your skills.



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