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The American Jobs Act — Details (Part 1)

Following his speech on the American Jobs Act earlier this month, President Obama has been visiting cities across the country in order to gain support for the proposed stimulus plan.

While you are likely already aware of the highlights of the plan, there are additional provisions that have not received much attention. These provisions are important to all Americans who are currently looking for work.

Prohibits Discrimination Against Unemployed Workers

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Thousands of out of work Americans have encountered job postings that only accept applications from workers who are “currently employed”.

One of the little talked about aspects of the American Jobs Acts is a provision that would prohibit this type of discrimination based on your employment status.

As proposed, the American Jobs Act would incorporate The Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011, which would prevent companies and employment agencies from discriminating against applicants on the basis of employment status.

Mortgage Refinancing

While interest rates on mortgages have fallen to approximately 4%, millions of Americans are unable to refinance their mortgages at these low rates. Banks and lenders have become much more strict as a result of the financial crisis, making it challenging to refinance an existing mortgage.

The American Jobs Act includes language that would help facilitate mortgage refinancing. The government estimates that a typical American family would be able to save approximately $2,000 per year on mortgage costs if they were able to refinance at the current rates.

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  • GP

    Does this act apply to temporary agencies, who don’t want to even send unemployed people to jobs because they have been out of work for more than a month? We need to know that, because it seems like they just want to have a temporary workforce who never get permanent jobs, so they discriminate against people who have had permanent jobs and lose them and actually look for a new job. They just want to keep an underclass of people on their rosters. They told me they can’t send me out because I don’t have temp experience, I worked for 25 years in permanent jobs and that makes me an outcast? I think they just don’t have any jobs and won’t admit it. Their own jobs depend on getting people to go in there to register with them, so they pretend they have jobs, when they really don’t have anything to send anybody out on. If we don’t go there to register, they won’t have any jobs. It’s just sickening.

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