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Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update - Help for 99ers?

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the millions of Americans who are seeking good information on the important Tier 5 situation. Below, we provide an update on previous proposals, as well as a recent proposal.

  • Is a Tier 5 unemployment extension still on the table?
  • Is Congress paying attention to the 99ers?
  • What are the current Tier 5 proposals?

Quick Background

If implemented, a Tier 5 would add additional weeks of unemployment benefits. To date, the previous extensions passed by Congress (including the December 2010 extension) have only extended eligibility for existing tiers, enabling you to receive up to a maximum of 99 weeks in most states. These extensions have helped millions, but have not provided any additional weeks for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already exhausted their benefits.

Previous Proposals

Americans Want to Work Act

Introduced by Senator Stabenow of Michigan, this bill would provide the following:

  • An additional 20 weeks of benefits for people who have had their benefits expire, as long as the unemployment rate in your state is at least 7.5%.
  • It would offer businesses a $2,000 tax break for hiring workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits.

As proposed, the bill would offer eligiblity retroactively, meaning that if you have already finished your previous tiers in recent months, you would still be eligibile.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act

Introduced by Representative Berkley of Nevada, this is similar, but would apply to fewer states.

  • Would provides an additional 20 weeks of benefits for people who have had their benefits expire, as long as the unemployment rate in your state is at least 10%.

Only a handful of states would meet the 10% unemployment rate threshold.

NEW Proposal

Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) have been working on a new bill that would help the 99ers. The proposal contains the following provisions:

  • Provides 14 additional weeks of emergency unemployment compensation in Tier 1.
  • These additional weeks will be available for those who have exhausted all their benefits (99ers and other exhaustees) as well as those who will be unemployed this year.
  • This extension would be similar to the November 2009 extension, which provided additional weeks of benefits to Tier 2.
  • Adding these extra weeks in Tier 1 makes them available for all long-term unemployed and not only those who live in a “high unemployment state.”

The latest that we have heard is that further discussions are likely to take place in early March.

Your Thoughts?

  • What do you think about Tier 5?
  • How many weeks should be added?
  • Can Congress reach a solution?

PLEASE NOTE: We fully support free speech, and encourage everyone to share their views. That being said, due to the controversial nature of the Tier 5 unemployment extension, some readers have posted hate speech and / or obscenities. We will not tolerate such language.

In addition, as the debate over Tier 5 has ensued, certain individuals have taken to impersonating others and / or posting under a false identity. In response, we have chosen to block these false comments.

Again, we encourage feedback, and thank you for taking the time to share your views on a topic that is of great importance to many Americans.

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9,552 comments to Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update – February 2nd, 2011

  • I will never vote - I'm not stupid.

    I was raised OLD SCHOOL–You say Please and Thank you. Men opened doors for women,you say excuse me, you nod or smiled when you passed someone on the sidewalk, put simply, you had MANNERS…Todays society is all about THEMSELVES!. people just dont care about others anymore and they rub it off on their kids. I have never seem more rude people and kids than I have in the past decade..Its totally mind blowing how society today rush about in their lives and not stopping to smell the flowers..In my day when a kid fell off a bike you went to help them–NOW–you get screamed at or accused of TOUCHING their kids–its ridiculous!.Have gotten to where I dont like going out anymore and when I do-I cant wait to get home again! I really hate everything about what is on TV and I am ashamed to call myself an American. Their is no such thing as being an American anymore when all there is everywhere is disgust and poverty. This place makes me want to puke when I see it for everything it represents .

    • Lucille Madoff

      A news has been reported that America has turned itself into becoming a oligarchy, no longer is a TRUE democracy. Oligarchy is a form of government where few people – such as rich people – control the change rules of the society in their favor, not by voting process from majority in the society. In America, voting is taking place and it will persists, but no matter whom we elect a person or a group of people to represent the majority, the person is bounded to becoming a puppet of the few people, and voting is just a mere gesture pretending to abide democratic representations to outside of the country and majority of its people.

    • Lucille Madoff

      When you take a hard look at the children sexual abuses committed by the Catholic priests, you would understand why any form of touching children will be screamed at. The whole corruption of Catholicism has made the society into becoming living quite suffocating.

  • Unemployed Wall st broker

    I am disgusted in America…in fact I think this country is the most miserable place on earth. I am not proud to see the flag or what it represents – I am ashamed to live in America. And if that offends anyone its because they do not know any better other than the lies that they are being told on TV If I can go back a few years ago I would joined the ” Occupy Wall St “; protesters and knowing what I know now – probably would punch a New York city cop right in his ugly face. Wall street did not insult protesters..they insulted and spit in each and every citizen’s face and had a governor laughing about it.
    A very real and painful truth the majority of this country (and no doubt other developed countries) cannot comprehend is because of 50+ years of someone’s age; or rapid technological advancement replacing the need for humans, along with vulture capitalism (the worse and most destructive form of government as proven over the past few years) exporting the majority of the remaining NEEDED trade and manufacturing jobs to cheaper countries, there is now a very real glut of people who cannot find employment of any kind because there is none, even if one retrains oneself. This country sucks! And people around the world call : Americans are a ‘ test-tube’ country because people have no more heart and soul to care for their human beings because their government care about nothing but money and killing off the population.

    Even highly skilled and educated people are defaulting to the ever decreasing number of service and retail jobs because they are no longer needed due to what I’ve described above (the decline of trade and manufacturing companies means even administrative personnel on all levels CEO, EVP, VP all the way down to clerical and independent contractors in sales) are in no way needed. The limited available service and retail jobs are also being replaced with technology and finding more efficient ways to decrease personnel need, creating even LESS jobs, so more people can become defendant on welfare.

    The real question which needs to be asked now is WHAT is to be done with the glut of people in not only this country but other developed governments who take bribes from America government – which are no longer needed due to the very real truth of their no longer being jobs which consistently supported this glut.And they are profiting from keeping us to earn a living wage. What a poverty miserable stricken country America is.Shame on all of us who let these treasoners rule each of our states into 3rd world poverty.

    Also responsible for this scenario are decades of the federal reserve who make all of us pay them TAX but they do not have to pay or their friends and family anything …but they demand anything and everything for nil to nothing which always proves to NEVER be sustainable for the long term and erodes any strong, viable society/country. Consumers who for over four decades have ensured the extinction of needed local commerce and trade by clamoring for national and international companies who have also systematically put out of businesses many proud, quality, generational local trade companies (far more jobs than chains provide) and businesses which not only helped prove a strong viable community but also the needed tax base for their state loans which also ensured a strong viable community.

    Welcome to the next chapter of what happens to developed countries who have reached the end of yet another cycle of downsizing their own citizens into poverty stricken misery with no hopes of any future.

  • U.S.A # zero

    The dialect ” 99er’s “; lol…even polyglotist need no effort of an explanation; but I have a few minutes to bore all of you:

    You read some insane comments in defense of people who looted the nation over decades, many will want your votes again – coming soon. Its just an illusion who brought congress to write laws that only favor themselves and punish everybody else for far smaller transgressions.You should be appalled that there are people so reflexively conditioned,in response driven by information that is propagated and sold across broadcast media, the same media that is owned by the same tax dodgers, job exporters, war for profiteers, weapons merchants who sell to whoever has ready cash irrespective of how dictatorial or corrupt the regimes or cartels are.

    These are the same people that are behind slashing the safety net for the nation, the same people that manipulate the stock and world money markets and want no regulations to stand between them and eventually owning it all and all of you – who once mor dumb find more snarly remarks in their commercials and win your stupid votes over. These are the people who feel entitled to own the economy,and flood the nation with illegals who are never screened or diagnosed for any illnesses; a one world plutocracy with perpetual money making wars that drive their bottom line and use the people as cannon fodder – your children -in their quest to generate sales, seize assets, use stored weaponry to make room for more sales and more inventory, without any regard for human life.

    You are living in an Orwellian reality and as much as you do not want to hear this – people don’t pray to the God almighty, they pay homage to the Koch’s, the Adelson’s, the Immelt’s and their foreign counterpart’s right down to and including Arabic oil sheiks and Russian oligarchs. They are all one club, a fraternity of entitlement, a clique that controls the world media, the flow of cash, the transfer of wealth and copy machines of cash for drug cartels. The people who rigged the banking sector by owning the paper curencies; along with owning the regulators of the system.

    People are pawns as they are spied upon by private corporations that have been contracted by the federal government, the information they gather first and foremost goes to corporations and owned entities these plutocrats control.

    They believe nothing can stand in their way – they are lawless of pur evil, pure unfettered greed, not even the environment or survivability of the planet as a habitable place for most of the population and they don’t care how bad it gets, because Cash Mountains will buy them pleasure domes to secure themselves in.

    We have to decide sooner or later, if it’s us as in the vast population or them who own the media, commerce, information and seed us with what and how to think. Our thoughts will never be theirs to own because we research and learn, our thoughts are the thoughts they want to direct us too and block access to reality by creating their version of reality, while subliminally and overtly manipulating our perception of reality, because yes, having the riches of the world also entitled them to create whatever reality they want to project and scope people to perceive.

    There is no such thing as what they hope to achieve – and there is no freedom when even our realities are manufactured for us, even the use of the words freedom and patriotism are illusions for all of us while the media they own divides us and sets us to arguing amongst ourselves. You do not have to join anyone’s protests,or read articles that are equivalent to your beliefs, because its understood in any language.

  • Lucille Madoff

    Unemployed people are like the black box fallen into deep ocean constantly pinging to let its presence ;however, unlike the black box, for unemployed, there are no rescuers trying to listen and help – both Republicans and Democrats have given a mere gestures for rescue efforts; their real search has never
    been undertaken – long time has past since the term “99ers” was used.

  • Lucille Madoff

    There are no jobs, at least to me, I mean good jobs that can support your family, pay bills, allowing to send kids go to colleges eventually and can lead to comfortable retirement, and being able to travel once awhile. All the education falsely offered a bowl of cherries that turned out to be rotten instead, unable to eat.

  • Lucille Madoff

    “Unemployment rate remains unchanged at 6.5 %” according to the labor department. It appears that job market is getting better, but contrarily job market is getting worse: all the good paying jobs are gone and only menial jobs are being offered. On top of that food, gas prices are getting skyrocketed and and nobody would buy GM cars anymore.

  • The King

    Obama is a failure. Obama is a charlatan.

    Obama is mendacious.

    Obama is a douchebag.

    • Lucille Madoff

      I received $700 check issued by federal government as part of Bush’s tax cut _ I hurriedly used all the money going to restaurants that I had not thought of going before, but what followed is slew of tribulations with going wars and never ending plethora of news about woes in economy, job cuts, outsourcing, just bad, bad, bad, nothing but bad news.

  • " I hate this life "

    If you ask me, our country’s best days are far behind us. Good paying jobs gone forever, an illegal alien invasion our country refuses to stop, Corporatism has replaced actual Capitalism, education is in the toilet, welfare and all forms of public assistance are at all time highs, government employee unions bankrupting every level of government, law enforcement agencies are basically para- military units that are dysfunctional and not accountable, our 2 party system is rigged to work against the citizenry… yeah, we’re doing real well and will have no problem recovering!!!

    I wish they would stop saying things like “Yet that drop is due in part to the droves of Americans who have given up the search for work,” Their benefits ran out and they are still looking for work. Did they stop paying their mortgage, car note, buying food? Come on. People are doing what I had to do, cash out their 401′s, pay a big penalty to get your own money, dive into any savings, sell off things that used to be normal (second cars) and live up to commitments.
    The eroding of the labor market is one of the real causes of the unemployment issue- these people never want to talk about the issue of illegal immigration in economic terms- its like we are supposed to suspend disbelief of the fact that wages for the lower income bracket will be suppressed by people who are willing to work for less than fair wages and get paid in cash so they don’t pay any income or payroll taxes and then send money out of the country which further suppresses economic growth. Fixing the economy requires a serious debate about government intrusion and its lack of enforcing laws that are there to protect our country and the integrity of our economic system. Illegal immigration is not a social issue its an economic issue which affects every American family whether you realize it or not.

    • Lucille Madoff

      401K is for one’s retirement. That is if you could successfully get retired. Otherwise, it’s fund become just a emergency fund when you lost your job and no longer receiving benefit checks from the government, just before you hit the wall and buy a cardboard to make a sign for holding up at the ramp of Route 70.

  • Barack Obama

    I’m a sissy.

    • Lucille Madoff

      Bush was not a sissy but he got busted pretty bad as a president.
      And Cheney was not a sissy either but he can’t tell a turkey from a human.

  • The King

    Obama fails in attempt to stop Putin. Now Putin masses troops in preparation for invasion. This is a teachable moment. Obama will teach Putin a lesson by defriending him on his Facebook page.

    • Lucille Madoff

      It’s time the federal prosecutors prosecute those bankers and Wall Street guys who wrought the havoc of the economy led to bursting housing bubbles in 2008 – this will pull Putin’s pants off.

  • Barack Obama

    I’m in love with myself.

    • Lucille Madoff

      Romney is in love with money.
      Bush is in love with weapon.
      Cheney is in love with turkey.
      Weiner in love with taking selfie.

  • Barack Obama

    VI’m in love with myself.

  • Micheal ( the carcuss) Jackson

    A majorly bogus assumption that this broke-ass American nation full of ass kissing miserable order-takers on TV news have is that once your benefits run out, you stop looking. FACT: the unemployment rate is solely determined by the number of people actively collecting unemployment. PERIOD. There is no correlation to an equal shift of an expansion to welfare recipients, homelessness, and suicide. A large number of the long term unemployed are people who were self employed, and their business collapsed. By definition, they cannot be unemployed, and are ineligible for unemployment benefits. Therefore, they were never part of the unemployment numbers. Persons who are married and lost their career and the family is forced to a single income and do not qualify for public assistance are not tracked either. These folks simply disappear into the ether as they don’t count toward any beneficial statistic for political use. As always, article or news in this dry cruel of nation that’s designed to garner hope without substance.
    One of the main problems with unemployment is that companies don’t need the people back that they lay off. Necessity is the engine of innovation. It is necessary to downsize companies, personnel wise, to keep pace with ballooning debt and retirement programs. Automation and computerization has sent many jobs down the road and they will not come back. I was unemployed for years and got a job weeding potential employees from the application pool on a number of criteria, one being the use of computers and robotics. You have to know how to do more than enter data. Anyone can do that. You need programming skills and the ability to understand someones elses programming logic. You have to add on to existing programs to make them more efficient and at times take away from them. Putting in orders and sitting there typing all day doesn’t get it anymore. I have a computer that types by itself. It can almost think as well. Unless mankind harnesses the population explosion and we reduce the population footprint before long there will be nothing but unemployed personnel and no jobs for them ever….

    If 100 people drop off the unemployment rolls because they’ve “timed out” and 100 other people lose their jobs and begin collecting unemployment, the government numbers remain the static, though the situation has gotten worse by 200 people. These charts and graphs demonstrate nothing. If you want to see how the economy is doing in the real world, go down to the Home Depot, Walmart or Starbucks the next time they advertise 10 job openings. You’ll find 1500 people in line. Or…smile and nod and drink the Kool-Aid.

    • Micheal ( the carcuss) Jackson

      By the way…Kmart has half off boy pants

    • Lucille Madoff

      The U.S. economy has been going downward trend since the dot.com bubbles burst during the Clinton administration, but real estate bubbles continued to sore up until 2008 when it finally let up like a Hindenburg bursting in the air. The U.S. economy has never recouped due to the two wars that can be characterized as chasing after a mirage, nothing solid has benefited the U.S. other than killing Sadmn Hussein and giving notion that Bin Ladin is dead. The U.S. government has been part of toppling over the economy condoning malpractices of the riches and stock traders doing illegal acts such as insider trading and etc. and its performances and willingness to revive the economy has been lackluster with insipid motivation cracking down the offenders, which casts gloomy picture to ordinary Americans that economic recovery is still far off, and the word “recovery” is becoming a taboo word.

  • Barry Obama

    My asshole is sore from the constant reamings by Putin.

    • Lucille Madoff

      Putin would have had no trouble invading Ukraine during George Bush was falsely accusing Saddam Hussein with holding “mass weapons of destruction” and going after him.

  • Juan Ortiz & Alanza Sanchez

    On February 8th my wife, my brother and I were in a horrific car accident which left my stuck between the seats of an old chevy with severe hemorrhoid condition, and ultimately in a adult diapers for the next 3 months. The car was on fire and it was below zero outside in upstate New York. I got my brother and my wife out of the car and attempted to wave down cars driving by to get them out of the cold until the ambulance came. At least 30 cars drove by before one man finally stopped to let my family in his truck… This story right here is why no one would stop for my family… People are sue happy so acts of kindness come few and far between! Everyone was too busy to stop because they were either talking on their cell phones or too preoccupied with dinner. My wife could of died if we did not take her crispy creams squeeze her out like a horse that day.

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