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Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update - Help for 99ers?

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the millions of Americans who are seeking good information on the important Tier 5 situation. Below, we provide an update on previous proposals, as well as a recent proposal.

  • Is a Tier 5 unemployment extension still on the table?
  • Is Congress paying attention to the 99ers?
  • What are the current Tier 5 proposals?

Quick Background

If implemented, a Tier 5 would add additional weeks of unemployment benefits. To date, the previous extensions passed by Congress (including the December 2010 extension) have only extended eligibility for existing tiers, enabling you to receive up to a maximum of 99 weeks in most states. These extensions have helped millions, but have not provided any additional weeks for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already exhausted their benefits.

Previous Proposals

Americans Want to Work Act

Introduced by Senator Stabenow of Michigan, this bill would provide the following:

  • An additional 20 weeks of benefits for people who have had their benefits expire, as long as the unemployment rate in your state is at least 7.5%.
  • It would offer businesses a $2,000 tax break for hiring workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits.

As proposed, the bill would offer eligiblity retroactively, meaning that if you have already finished your previous tiers in recent months, you would still be eligibile.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act

Introduced by Representative Berkley of Nevada, this is similar, but would apply to fewer states.

  • Would provides an additional 20 weeks of benefits for people who have had their benefits expire, as long as the unemployment rate in your state is at least 10%.

Only a handful of states would meet the 10% unemployment rate threshold.

NEW Proposal

Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) have been working on a new bill that would help the 99ers. The proposal contains the following provisions:

  • Provides 14 additional weeks of emergency unemployment compensation in Tier 1.
  • These additional weeks will be available for those who have exhausted all their benefits (99ers and other exhaustees) as well as those who will be unemployed this year.
  • This extension would be similar to the November 2009 extension, which provided additional weeks of benefits to Tier 2.
  • Adding these extra weeks in Tier 1 makes them available for all long-term unemployed and not only those who live in a “high unemployment state.”

The latest that we have heard is that further discussions are likely to take place in early March.

Your Thoughts?

  • What do you think about Tier 5?
  • How many weeks should be added?
  • Can Congress reach a solution?

PLEASE NOTE: We fully support free speech, and encourage everyone to share their views. That being said, due to the controversial nature of the Tier 5 unemployment extension, some readers have posted hate speech and / or obscenities. We will not tolerate such language.

In addition, as the debate over Tier 5 has ensued, certain individuals have taken to impersonating others and / or posting under a false identity. In response, we have chosen to block these false comments.

Again, we encourage feedback, and thank you for taking the time to share your views on a topic that is of great importance to many Americans.

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9,553 comments to Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Update – February 2nd, 2011

  • The King

    Obama announces new plan to help 99ers!!!!

    Every 99er will get a new cardboard box to live in and 6 bottles of Ripple!


  • Anonymous

    When this “The Great Depression II” is over(if it could ever be over), I bet that people would argue that it was “The Great Recession” rather than a depression. It is preposterous that people have no notion of recession vs deproession. Recession is downturn of economy that last more or less a year as oppose to depression is with no prospect of seeing the end of the tunnel. If it has been “The Great Eecession” as what the media postulate, we would have come out of IT long before.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how economy could get BETTER; the mortgagers and bankers who screwed up the financial system have not been prosecuted and punished, the housing crisis have not be rectified still millions of houses are under water the government is running on high deficit, and the job market is as bleak as four years agow when the bull maket crashed. I can only fathom that the the people somehow managed to cope up with stading in the rain without getting wet without holding an umbrella.

  • Anonymous


    If you block public info I have the date and time of submission, How is your job doing?

  • 99isenough

    What’s the difference between a 99er and a bum????

    A bum knows how to spell!!!!!


    Another good one!! :)

  • The King

    judging by all the imposter posts and lack of coherency on this board that the end game is here.
    I declare this board to be officially trashed.

  • The King

    What a stirring SOTU address! I especially liked the part about the new Tier 5 lifetime extension!

  • 99isenough

    Wanna hear another joke about 99ers?

    “99ers are hard workers”!!!!!!


    That’s a good one!! :)

  • Anonymous

    God bless 99ers. 99ers have devoted their lives working hard for their families and for the country while the CEOs and executives taking chunk of profits that the employees have generated. Often times, when the years ended, the CEO’s would throw out a speech asking the employees to work hard instead of giving them bonuses and taps on the shoulders. 99ers have been glad that they could bring food on the table and happy with Christmas and New Year were celebrated with a 15 lbs turkey that they could afford to buy and put on the table. Now the economy is down, the 99ers can’t buy turkey to put on the table. For the rich CEO’s, their lives as as usual with continually surging profits.

  • Anonymous

    Exchanging vows at the wedding should be changed. For instance:

    “Susan Doe, do you take, John Savastian, as your lawful husband, through health and sickness, rich or poor, employed or unemployed?”

  • Anonymous

    How was Obama’s the state of union speech? He is finally rolling up his sleeves to punish those bankers who wreck the havoc of the US economy selling derivities. He should have done that three years ago. I guess that he is on the election campaign.

  • 99isenough

    Hey 99ers,

    You think Obama will mention the 99ers or tier 5 in his State of the Union address tonight?

    I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      His speech was awesome, but he has omitted or is late saying bunch of stuff:

      He should have initiated punishing the bankers and mortgagers who abused the financial system years ahead.

      He should have have bailed out those banks.

      He should have asked the congress to pass the Tier 5.

  • Whata Mess!

    WOW!…Readin this is real depressing! What is wrong with people? You got the people with jobs and witout fighting really? U may have a job now but not 4 long every1′s job is on the line and i hope the 1′s that r pickin on the desperate seekin work thats not there loose there jobs n relise just how bad it is outta there cardboard box! OMG Grow up! I vote for a tier 5 in N.J. PLEASE! I have worked since I was 9! I look 4 jobs every day…would scoop poop if need b (NODABUM)…The world is lookin really bad people r not payn mortgages n just livin in it till they get locked out…schools r closing cause no1 1 can find a job 2 pay there taxes…were all doomed its just a matter of time b4 the poor start robbin the rich …this is so sososososo sad…theres no light at the end of the tunnel n thanks 2 the people wit jobs 4 remindin me…may god give ur jobs 2 those who need it…good luck 2 all the 99ers…

    • The King

      This is the change Obama promised! Can’t wait to hear his SOTU speech tonight…..4 more years! 4more years! 4 more years!

    • 99isenough

      Whata Mess,

      You just said “We’re all doomed!! It’s just a matter of time before the poor start robbing the rich.”


      That’s the funniest thing i’ve heard in a long time!!!!

      Who are the poor?

      Who are the rich?

      You spell like you quit school when you were 9 years old.

      How do you even fill out an application when you spell the way you do?

      Do you think people can’t see how bad you spell?

      99ers need a lot more than luck.

      They should have spent the TWO YEARS not working to go back to school.

      The times have caught up with you and you don’t have the necessary skills to keep up.

      That’s NOT societies fault, it’s YOUR fault!!

      • The King

        The rich have always robbed the poor, that’s why they are rich.

      • Anonymous


        1. “i’ve” should read “I’ve.” You’ve failed to capitalize it.

        2. “You spell like you quit ” should read “You spell AS IF you quit.” Never use “like” before a verb.

        3. “The times have caught up with you and … ” should read “The times have caught up with you, and … ” You left out the comma. A coordinating conjunction between two essential clauses is always preceded by a comma.

        4. “societies” should read “society’s.” You want the possessive form here, not the plural.

        5. “how bad you spell” should read “how badly you spell.” You need to use the adverb, not the adjective.

        Do you think people can’t see how illiterate you are?

  • 99isenough

    Well Good Afternoon 99er crybabies!!!!!

    I see all you poor, poor starving 99ers still have internet access in your cardboard box houses.

    I saw a 99er on a street corner the other day holding up a sign that read “don’t wanna work but still need wine, can I have some?”

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, I have been looking back over old blogs and this 99isenough man (woman)? has been writing the same thing for almost a year, what a loser.

    • Anonymous

      Ha, ha I just read that 99isenough person has never worked in his? (her) life and he writes crap like this. Who is this loser to write such garbage. He is a T O T A L loser.

  • 99isenough

    Hi 99whiners!!!!

    Well look at yourselves today, no tier 5 or jobs.

    You haven’t worked in over TWO YEARS.

    That doesn’t sound like you’re “hard workers” to me or anybody else except yourselves.

    As you can see, you’re whining isn’t helping you at all.

    It’s only showing this country there are a lot of crybabies in it.

    It is people like you that are bringing this country down.

    People unable or unwilling to do what is necessary in their lives.

    • 99isenough

      I just read that a solar flare is heading to earth today.

      Hey!!! That’s another good reason why you can’t get jobs.

      Or another reason that the universe is conspiring to keep the 99ers from getting jobs.

      Wait, it’s the governments fault. Or maybe the Mayans or Nazi’s got together to keep you from getting jobs.

      Or, maybe you can blame it on global warming.

      The blame game isn’t working for you 99ers.

      After TWO YEARS maybe the blame could go to the person you see in the mirror every morning.

    • sgt

      you need a life dickhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonymous

      99ers are not crybabies. 99ers had been working hard until the downturn of the economy; their jobs were outsourced and jobs are depleted as results. 99ers had been working hard; they were the backbone of the society working hard. Pass the Tier 5, or create jobs for 99ers. Let’s get the America going; it’s a shame that American can’t feed itself. Everybody deserve chances to economically support themselves; the country suppose to create and foster the environment for the workers to work hard and support their families. Pass the Tier 5 until we get hired.

  • Anonymous

    Would Republicans are able to fix up economy? Republicans lost their credability; they are the ones who messed up the economy in the first place. Democrates have been busy fixing up the messes that had been left, and the debries that they had left is huge, still needing lots of work. People have been demonstrating in front of the Wall Street about the regulations that have been instituted to make rich become richer and poor become poorer, but afer much angst, the protests have been banned, and there seems to be no way airing out the frustration. The frustration of 9ers are spilling like a waterfall, and nobody seem to have been listening over years. The protesters should be more vocal and more specfic for their agenda. Say,”Let’s have the Tier 5 passed.”

    • The King

      Things were going pretty good until democrats took over Congress in 2007.

      • Anonymous

        That’s when the Dem’s supported Bush, that’s why things went to crap. The economy started going in the toilet when we had a Repub, pres. You can not get back what Bush gave away.

        • The King

          Hey dumbass …..democraps BLOCKED everything that Bush wanted then tried to blame him when things went bad. You’re as bad as Pelosi.

          • Anonymous

            Hey dumbass I also read that you are 99isenough.

          • Anonymous

            You’re the one doing the blaming for your failures loser. You have nothing better to do than blog this site for a year?, move on loser, you do not belong here talking to real people with real lives.

          • Anonymous

            A year and you are still here and you use other names, something is seriously wrong with you. 99isenough aka King

  • dem

    fatasss newt won sc. well what do they know. Layff the viagra dude what women see in you money you will never run the usa. stay in bed

    • Anonymous

      The USA needs a strong leadership, who doesn’t cry. Newt has too many women around him. If he become a president, all the women would fight for the First Lady seat…it’s going to be ugly.

    • Anonymous

      Republicans really messed up the economy, going to the wars unnecessarily based on the wrong facts that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of the US soldiers died in vein and more than ten thousands of Iraq civilians died in the war. The amount of money that has been spent is over 900 billions. Where all the money came from? Did the money come at the cost of millions of people losing their jobs? Did that make the Newt’s ass become fatter and he has money to spend on women? Romney lost on NC. That means that Romney has no chance; no Republican candidate has ever won the election losing NC since 1980. I think we will have another four more years of Obama with his lackluster economy policy..George B. had four more years instigating people fight in the war.

      • Anonymous

        I am disappointed in that you didn’t like the First Lady part. Anyway, How Newt won the NC Primary? Did he promise that he would pass the Tier 5 when he becomes a president? NC has over 10% unemployment rate; he must have said something to alliviate the unemployment problem there in order to win. Or did he win by winning many women’s votes? Newt seems to have way of dealing with women. It is interesting to see who will become the next president…it is amazing that Repubicans are vying for next presidential seat after really screwing up the economy and instigating to go to war on the wrong facts and poor intelligence.

  • Anonymous 2

    I can’t believe this site at all. I thought it would be a site for anyone looking for information about the 99ers. Apparently, everyone seems to be more concerned about 99isenough’s life, then the mess this freaking world is in. Who really cares about who 99isenough is, what he does, where he lives, and what he does for a living? Wow, someone needs to take down this site.

  • 99isenough


    It isn’t looking good for that tier 5, is it?

  • Graham2

    I have an affinity for virile young men. I enjoy muscular tanned bodies with firm buttocks.

    • graham2

      your tired of being exposed for who you are “jerry” (99isenough)you have no power as long as we tell everyone who you are. Time to crawl back to bed and feel sorry for yourself. You have always had and do have the ability to change, but you live in your own self pity. You constantly use other peoples names to try and boost yourself and “pretend” you feel good about yourself.

      Time to grow up Jerry and take some responsibility for your actions

      • graham2

        By the way 99isenougb you were absolutely right about the minimum wage increase, all they were talking about was the Index saying what people should be making with inflation Thanks for pointing that out. Good luck with your problems Jerry. I really wish I could tell you something that would help you. Bye

      • 99isenough


        Stop making yourself look foolish.

        It isn’t me that’s using your name.

  • 99isenough

    This site is old and past it’s usefulness.

    I predict this site shutting down soon.

  • Anonymous

    Millions of sperms travel to the womb to meet an egg, but only one or two finally radesvouir for cell division to take place. It shouldn’t be like that in job market; it shouldn’t take five years to find a job. I’ve heard a top notch school graduated 39 years old lawyer not being able to find a job; he feels that he is discriminated agaist younger graduates. He is only 39 years old, and he feels he is already old in the niche market. How could this ever happened? He does lots of volunteering work with no salary when he should be awarded with hefty salary for his hard work. There are lots of people who feel this way nowadays; all their efforts put in don’t materialized. We had generations before when people got much with little investments in their lives. This great depression seems to be affecting every people crossing over the boundaries of educated and non-educated, but it didn’t corss over have (1%) and have not (99%).

    • Graham2

      I see you are busy using my call name again 99isenough

      • Graham2

        January 16th and yesterday, you must really be getting lonely

        • graham2

          We can add today to that list of “pretending” again to be me 99isenough. Try some support sites I know you have never had a “normal” life and your seclusion prevents you from positive interaction, with the internet you can open your avenues and dump the hate, it doesn’t work.

          It takes a lot more work to build something than destroy it

        • graham2

          Talking about yourself 99isenough by using The King and other names to answer your own queations and support yourself?

        • graham2

          That is one of your “projections” 99isenough, you say how you feel about yourself and substitute someone elses name for your own. All your post are always about how you feel inside about yourself.

  • Bagofdonuts51

    Here’s an Idea:

    Lets run for a “politcal office”, pick one.

    First we’ll hire 99 & the Rev. Al Sharpton, they’re both real “sh_t stirrers” that can help get us started with their kind of Publicity.

    That’s why you keep your friends close but enemies Closer……. Use them at what they’re good at, for the “good” of the country…. Instead of, well I’ll leave it at that.

    Then we can easily get a “SuperPac” with 99 & the Rev. driving the bus!!!!

    We can raise millions and not have to answer to anybody on how we spend the money.

    99 can buy all new Card Board homes, pay for Adult Daycare & Circus Training for Congress, to keep them as sharp as marbles. And maybe start paying mom & dad some rent.

    He obviously has the time and talent to draw the attention from pretty much anybody willing to listen. SuperPac!!!!

    I’m throwing this “out” there, it could work, seriously think about it.

    There are 3 branches of government to pick from, your thoughts????

    Just think, we will have Insider Trading Info, Wall Street & BANKS at our disposal.

    99 & the Rev. can be our Spokespeople to help widen the gap between classes even more. AND we can do Criminal Type Stuff and NOT even worry about being Prosecuted. Probably be put in charge to head up a Government Agency, maybe the “SEC”…..

    It’s a beautiful thing!!! Yes, No????

  • Just-a thought

    Hay putts (99isenough gulf is spelled golf you are not as good as you think you are.

  • Just-a thought

    Jerry if you are looking for a friend I would bet red solo cup would be your friend. No questions asked.You could go to AA together.

  • Just-a thought

    Jerry (99isenough) do you have enough names. Putts is like a DICK HEAD, you are both. That means you have the brains of a golf ball or the head of a dick.

    • 99isenough


      There’s a name for people like you.

      We call people like you “p*ssies”.

      Guess what the * means.

      I’ll give you a hint, it’s a vowel.

      In case you don’t know what a “vowel”,,, there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Out of those 26 letters, only 5 of them are vowels.

  • Just-a thought

    Geeee 99isenough you got me on i not an e. But putts is spelled putts not putz you putts.And you are not an ASE certified auto technician you putts. look it up putts.

  • Justin

    November 5, 2011 at 6:00 PM · Reply
    Matthew 12:35-37

    A good person produces good words from a good heart, and an evil person produces evil words from an evil heart. And I tell you this, that you must give an account on judgment day of every idle word you speak. The words you say now reflect your fate then; either you will be justified by them or you will be condemned.

  • Stu

    Honestly don’t people have anything better to do??

    • stillondole

      I have so far collected 125 weeks of benefits here in California. Just got ANOTHER extension….so much for 99 weeks. They have no clue what they are doing at this point.

  • Graham2

    99isenough I must confess that I am deeply in love with you. I feel a stirring in my loins whenever I read one of your posts.


  • 99isenough

    What ever happened to all those “protests” that 99ers were taking to the streets to DEMAND a tier 5?


      99isenough are you mad at the world because you are fat and your life sucks?

    • stillondole

      lol we dont have to protest…if you havent noticed….we are already going way over 99 weeks…..all your talk is pointless..have a nice day at work!!!!!

    • MMH

      99isenough…you have no concept of what those Occupiers have been protesting for. It has nothing to do with the amount of weeks that anyone is claiming on unemployment.

      (Reading some news once in awhile won’t hurt you, ya know.)

      The premise of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters is the fact that 1% of the population is making all the money…and it’s BIG CORPORATIONS.

      FOR EXAMPLE: A large company in southern california owns several large hospitals. At the end of November, they enacted new ‘rules’ that say that a Nurse should not be limited to 4 patients during her 12 hour shift; she should have 8 per shift. (This is a serious issue for patient safety and quality of care. But, this also allows the hospital to’operate’ with only half the staff…) The company then went through and laid off close to 2200 nurses….but in that same time frame, posted 11 BILLION in PROFIT. 11 BILLION!!! Their CEO took 4 MILLION as a bonus. Now, you tell me…how many of those 2200 Nurses could have been kept on the job if the ‘company’ wasn’t so GREEDY??

      Greed has become the ‘name of the game’ in this country….but it only benefits a very few. The guys at the top take as much as they can as fast as they can and have no concern for the people they step on in the process.

      The Occupiers are protesting this recent push to become rich quick by the very few. The CEO of that company was already making 800,000 per year as his salary…but I’m very sure he really NEEDED to make that extra 5 million at the cost of hospital patients and their safety.

      • Anonymous


        you have no concept of who 99isenough is, reading some other post might help you, yes siree bob 99isenough is a fool loser – he never had a job

      • graham2

        look at the post 99isenough used in my name. Getting a clue yet about him? for an educated women you sure are niave, I wish all 99ers good luck, you (and finally me)and all us 99ers or whatever, helped build this country and deserve jobs. We want to make America strong and proud again. Keep writing in to the Government.

        • MMH

          Yes, I’m getting a really good idea of “99isenough”…he is so lonely that he actually has to give himself another name and then talk to himself….wow. He should probably consult a shrink about this issue.

          It’s not so much that I’m naive…I just like to give people the full benefit of the doubt before I form an opinion about them.

  • Just-a thought

    Hay Jerry WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING. AkA 99isenough

    • 99isenough



      What do YOU do for a living?

      Oh, that’s right, you’ve been on an extended vacation.

      • Just-a thought

        I’m a Machinest, WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING Jerry. AKA 99isenough.
        Or are you just a putts for a living.

        • 99isenough

          I’m an ASE certified auto technician.

          By the way, “putts” is spelled “putz” and “machinest” is spelled “machinist”.

          No wonder you’re unemployed, you can’t even spell what you claim you are.

          But that’s typical with all you unemployed/99ers.

          How do you compose resumes or fill out applications when you spell like 5th graders?

          • Justin

            November 5, 2011 at 4:34 PM · Reply
            Thats why I let you work, and I live well off of your tax dollars.

            You are so smart, know about cars, lets hear about OBDII, OBD III, fiberoptic cables, Internal combustion engines, camshaft lobes, dual plane or single plane manifolds, Timing, etc. Think quick, dont google yourself to death, lol!!!!

          • Justin

            November 5, 2011 at 4:55 PM
            Well, lets see? What is the most recognized accredation for an auto mechanic?

            Name three companies that sell automotive products (Flushes) exclusively to dealers and auto shops?

            (Two easy ones for any auto mechanic).

            I expect an answer within two minutes or less.

          • Justin

            November 5, 2011 at 5:05 PM
            Times up loser!!! You obviouslt have never really worked in the auto repair business, and I easily proved it without even asking you about an automobile’s inner workings!!!


            ASE Certification

            JB ( Justice Brothers)
            MAC Products
            BG Products

            If you want more questions, let me know!!!! FOOL!!!!!

          • Justin

            Still trying to make believe your an auto mechanic 99isenough

          • Justin

            Anyone ever seen a fat man work on cars? 99isenough can’t even fit under the hood LOL

          • Anonymous

            Loser is spelled 99isenough

          • Just-a thought

            I’m not unemployed putts.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you should start saying you work on motorcycles at least you can reach them – maybe – as long as someone else takes the bolts out for you and you have a King size chair

          • 99isenough


            Glad you’re back!!!!!

            How’s your wife and my kids?

          • MMH

            HA!! That explains everything!!! I can’t believe I gave you the “credit” of being a programmer (type) person….

            Let me guess…you work at Billy Joe Bob’s House of Used Cars!!! (Because I sincerely doubt that you work for a large, reputable dealership….well, that’s just my hunch anyway….your absolutely ‘sunny’ disposition and “better than thou” attitude would make any employer toss your butt to the curb.)

            I used to date a Ford ASE Mechanic. He could fix a car pretty well but was dumber than a box of used brake pads when it came to “life”. Do you go home and drink a 12 pack of Schlitz every night while you spout this drivel online and celebrate your ‘good fortune’? How’s that adult dating website workin for ya?

            You know…the auto repair industry is another area of business that needs to quit ripping off customers in their pursuit of the almighty dollar. I’ll bet you can change a set of brake pads in 20 minutes….but the “book” says you get to charge an hour on your work sheet and your boss charges the customer 2 hours. (Yeah, I know how that works.)

          • MMH

            Anonymous: Please no, LOL… we don’t need him working on motorcycles…I ride one…albeit a Honda….but I don’t need to trust my life to his hands…

            (Actually, I’ve learned to do a lot of the work myself and save a lot of money that way….reading is a great skill….something I’m pretty sure 99 hasn’t tried recently…well, beyond these boards anyway…)

          • Anonymous

            MMH 99isenough is not a mechanic he lives off welfare and always has

          • Anonymous

            MMH read the previuos page

          • Anonymous

            I think you mean read this page anon about 99isenough, Justin clearly showed 99isenough does not even know what a certified mechanic is LOL It also says what 99isenough does for a living

  • Graham2

    Apology to the board. I’ve made a complete ass of myself.
    I am just an old transvestite living in a dumpster.

  • 99isenough


    Did the court give you at least partial custody of your kids yet?

  • Graham2

    Anyone who feels down about their current situation, just think you could have a life like 99isenough with nothing to do but show your hatred of yourself. That is enough to make anyone feel better poor, poor Alice in Wonderland

  • The king

    I hate 99isenough he will never have a life. See even your alter ego hates you.

  • 99isenough

    what’s the difference between a 99er and a bum?


    Lemme think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    There is no difference.

    • Graham2

      And still everyone hates 99isenough that’s why he spent Christmas and New Years all alone. The little family he has doesn’t even like him. 99isenough is one of the most pathetic hated, despised “people” alive. How’s your valentine plans going 99?

    • Just-a thought

      99isenough you seem to be like a politician, you are more interested in bashing then answering a simple question. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING. Are you realy that ashamed. You are so proud that you say you work. You are so outspoken on everything else. Are you such a putts you can’t talk about your self.

    • Graham2

      Whats the difference between a habitual liar and 99isenough, nothing.
      99isenough hopes to get more social security again so he can continue to live a life of despair, wishing that he had worked and could get any unemployment. poor, poor 99isenough How many weeks of welfare have you got 99 someone said over 4,000 that sure seems like enough.

      This site is 99s life it is all he has, that’s why he writes anything to get someone to talk to.

      • Graham2

        Did your imaginary grandkids visit you 99 or have they had enough of your imagination? If 99isenough wasn’t so lonely he would not have to make up imaginary people like the king

  • Just-a thought

    99isenough I didn’t ask you if you worked. I asked WHAT YOU DO for a living. You seem to be so proud of it. Or are you ashamed of what you do.

  • its so sad that grown ups talk like they do thats for kids ,i have worked for42years ,clean floors clean behinds ,etc you name it i have work like a slave,and one day a my white boss lied on me it takeing him 8 days to get his lie fix,no i don:t hate him but it really hurted me ,in it was nothing i could do about it.lawyers said it was a big box store,i am 59years of age ,in its hard to find a job at this age,iand i am one of the 99er,that has ran out .don:ttalk down on no one because one day you may be in line too ,god help us all,if you can,t say anything good about someone please hold your peace i love you in jesus name amen


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