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Unemployment Extension Update – November 14, 2011

There are two separate unemployment extensions being discussed in Congress at the moment:

  • HR 3346 – The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2011
  • HR 589 – The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

While they have similar names, the two pieces of legislation are quite different. We highlight the details, and how they might impact you, below.


HR 3346 – The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2011

Federal unemployment benefits — the unemplyoment benefits you receive after the 26 weeks of Regular Benefits are exhausted — are set to expire on December 31, 2011. If this happens, as many as 2 million unemployed Americans will lose benefits in January 2012.

Last week, legislation was introduced that would extend these benefits through the end of 2012. As a reminder, these federally-funded unemployment benefits provide anywhere from 34 to 73 weeks of additional unemployment insurance after state-funded regular benefits run out.

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The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act has support in Congress, and will definitely receive more attention in the coming weeks. If history is a guide, given the extensions that passed in the last two years, it seems likely that this bill will pass, even if it happens after the December 31st deadline.


HR 589 – The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

As mentioned, the Federal unemployment benefits provide extensions resulting in a total of up to 99 weeks of unemployment insurance. That said, millions of American workers have exhausted the total number of available weeks.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act, sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee, would
add an additional 14 weeks of benefits for those who have already received the maximum number of weeks of Federal unemployment benefits.

Also referred to as “Tier 5″, this expansion of benefits has been discussed over the last several months, but has yet to gain the necessary support in Congress. The most recent efforts made by Representative Barbara Lee and her co-sponsors have attempted to incorporate this legislation into the President’s jobs bill.


We will continue to keep you updated on both pieces of legislation, as well as The American Jobs Act.

39 comments to Unemployment Extension Update – November 14th

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  • Max Hardcore

    99ers sucks wolf balls!! You will NEVER get a 5th tier. Tough luck, clowns! Oh yeah, you lazy women should start doing some porn if you can’t get a job.

    HA, HA!

  • Ari

    It sucks! The government takes money from people (we pay tax with everything we do eat, car, shopping, work and more) the money returns to the government and people (representatives – congress, leaders) they have very good life with our money. We get nothing. when you need help that is what you get.

    What a shame

  • @ the king..I know by personal experience that karma does indeed excist so be careful what u say!! about a year ago I had the most amazing job ever, I made alot of money a little too much money I would say that even after paying all my bills (including rent) I still had about $ 1,000 to spend on just about whatever I wanted ,I really had it made ,I was even as ignorant as u, just like u I made fun of the unemployed I remember one day a homeless lady asked me for money I just looked at her in complete disgust and said “get a job u bumm”!! ,(money can really make u cruel and selfish) I never thought that one day I would lose it all ..yes I became the very people that I used to look down on, I became unemployed and on welfare I became that very person that I use to look in disgust and call lazy but I honestly needed god to let me go through this because otherwise I honestly dont think I would have ever changed my way of thinking I would have continued to be that cruel and bitter person that I once was and now I relize that no matter what we are truely all the same in Gods eyes and just remember before you judge and critisize someone just remember just like God gave it to you, (misuse it and be selfish with it ) and he can easily take it away from you!!

  • kat

    Kings fall to and you get what you give. Im just hope you won’t be one of my coworkers at Burger King, I will eat you alive.

  • clg

    99isenough (to pay for my opinion)
    The King (of nothing)
    getajob (but a better work ethic than i have)

    maybe you should spend your time at work actually working? how nice your profession allows you to spend your workday blogging about the unemployed. given your work ethic, it makes perfect sense why you bash the unemployed. you presume they behave as you would.

  • clg

    i am reading MANY ignorant comments here. yes, i am unemployed. for the first time in my life i am receiving unemployment. i would love to be working and i have applied for each and every job i am or could be qualified for to no avail. i am college educated with 25 years experience in my career field. for those of you who resort to name-calling or imply that the unemployed choose to remain unemployed, get a reality check. there are numerous applicants for each and every available job out there in certain industries and competition is fierce. companies continue to downsize or to utilize their current workforce to do ‘double duty’ in order to economize. get this … YOU are not footing the bill for our unemployment. seasoned workers have paid into the system for years and we are entitled, yes entitled, to benefit from that system if necessary. to be sure there is abuse. however, show me ANY government program or agency where abuse does not exist and i will sign over my deed for the golden gate bridge to you. be thankful you are working. but remember that at any time you could be next. so maybe instead of using your time to insult and degrade the workers who made it possible for you to have the job you are in …. you should be at work hanging on to that job.

    • Cranky In Carolina

      clg….Thank you for that honest and heart felt post… I say this to so many people that feel that those of us not working choose to sit around collecting all that cash…LOL…. If you look at what I collect on unemployment I took a 73% pay cut… I know that when I do find another job, I WILL NEVER say anything negative about the ones that do not have a job… right now working is a PRIVILEGE… Thanks again

  • get a job

    Here’s how to get a job:

    1. If you are a veteran apply with the Federal Govt.

    2. Gold mines in northern Nevada are crying for help.

    3. North Dakota is experiencing a BOOM. Texas is also.

    4. Try McDonald’s, Burger King, Wal Mart. They love older workers.

    For some of these you will have to pull up stakes and move.

    The economy is NOT going to turn around to any great degree for years and years. Government (both Federal and local) has too much debt, too many long term obligations like lavish pensions, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the coming VERY expensive Obamacare. We as a nation crossed the Rubicon with the election of Obama and a very liberal Congress. We as a nation elected these people and now we must live with it. Get used to it, this is the new reality.

    • The King

      Don’t forget the sex industry opportunities!

      • clg

        i’m sure the bloggers here appreciate your expertise in that area. after all, you are The King … of Nothing. which may explain your, ahem, personal problems.

      • john

        I would but your mother took over the whole industry.

      • john

        Its so obvious that you dont work. You are filled with too much hate. Its easy for a person like you to hide behind a faceless email. Look at the timestamp on your emails, I will pray for you to find work. Carma is not something you want to test.

        Good luck to you.

    • Ms. G.

      McDonalds, Burger King, and Wal Mart aren’t hiring any older workers in Illinois. I have tryed so hard to get into these places and i am an older person in my early 50′s and all they want is High School kids and College people. So please don’t say that these places want older worker, cause they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    The king is also called 99isenough he lives on welfare and disability at his mothers his name is jerry like in Tom and jerry or jerry springer jerry how is welfare working for you

  • Teresa

    The King is unemployed and is pushing buttons. Do not reply.

  • 99isenough

    They may extend the deadline for unemployment but there will NEVER be a tier 5 beyond up to 99 weeks of unemployment.

    Get over it and move on.

  • john johnson

    You will eat those words if you ever get fired, or if self employed no one needs your services

  • It is very easy to throw stones when you’re seated well. I wonder, for long? God will decide it. Many ignorant attack those who are losing jobs. Do not judge, if you don’t want to be judged, do not humiliate if you do not want to be humiliated, don’t be exalted if you don’t to be humilliated adn the one that is humiliated will be exalted. God’s law always charges for good if we do the good, or punish it for our bad actions. Those who are judging, humiliating those who for a reason or other one lost its jobs, or will lose it jobs, more soon than they imagine those ignorant will be having same conditions or worse after they lose its jobs.

  • Jesus R

    I am on my last 2 weeks of state emergency unemployment in washington state, and need that extension for my family, i have had many temporary jobs to support my family since being laidoff 2 years ago at my job where i was a lead engineer, and with layoffs and subcontractors and greediness at my former job several of us got the axe…so any help would be appreciated. I have had many companies like my skills and background, just to be told sorry or not hear from them again…wheres the presidents head at? Isnt his country first on his agenda instead of going to other countries and give away money we do not have…geez, what happened to common sense…

  • Jon in CA

    Any unemployment extensions would really help thousands (possibly millions) of Americans. We can be hopeful that our government leaders will spend time to think about allocating money at home rather than on on foreign countries.

  • The King

    Get a job you lazy freeloaders

    • karma8168

      If you had any brains you would probably take them out and play with them, you know what happens when you assume we are all lazy free loaders? You make an ass of u and me. Young healthy well educated people are at the top of the unemployement list right now. With 4.7 people per 1 job openning,even at 2,000 resumes, countless applications, and 1 interview in 3 years, I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED! THROUGH NOT FAULT OY MY OWN! MCDONALDS,BURGER KING,WENDYS,ARBS,MARTINS,SUBWAY, Do I need to go on? I will work 4 minimum wage but the jobs are not there you selfish s.o.b! Do your homework next time you wanna kick people when there down!

    • michele

      are you kidding me? It must be nice to sit there in such judgment of others. I am educated and have an excellent resume and references; I have taken any temporary job I can get while seeking permanent work, yet my benefits will still run out if there is no extension. I babysit to eat and pay my cell phone bill so I can get a call about a job! I hope one day you too have to experience what we are going through and someone tosses a stone at you while you are down.

      • The King

        You can have a job if you really want one. Move to las vegas and get a job in the sex industry. Stripper, bordello, or adult film, they’ll take any size shape age. Better than watching Oprah an The View all day eating potato chips and chocolates.

    • john johnson

      You will eat those words if you ever get fired, or if self employed no one needs your services..You really need to learn the hard way dude. Some of us hard working people that get fired or layed off busted our butts for you to have many of the things you have in your home. I hope you loose your job, and real soon//reply to comment from poster listed below

      The King
      November 19, 2011 at 6:50 PM · Reply
      Get a job you lazy freeloaders

    • Anonymous

      King jerry/99isenough how is your fat welfare life???????????????

    • clg

      would that be The King… of nothing???? :)

  • Pam

    Yes HR 3346 pass and HR 589 in Jesus Name. Believe for God to stretch forth his hand and move on those who will vote to do what is right in his sight. Matthew 18:19.

  • Lucy

    Congress must pass this unemployment extensions. My benefits are running out in the middle of December.

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