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departureYour employer does NOT want you to sign up for unemployment benefits!

Each former employee receiving unemployment benefits costs a company money.  This is because a company’s future payroll taxes are linked to the number of former workers applying for benefits.

Don’t allow your employer to determine your future!

You Have Rights

When you leave an employer, you should receive a series of documents. Many companies will not provide these materials.  They leave it up to you to ask for the paperwork.

Smart Unemployment shows you what to request, tells you exactly how to ask, and helps you negotiate your terms of departure so you can collect unemployment benefits and more!

The guide shows you in detail:

  • How to deal with your boss, manager, or human resources representative
  • What you can negotiate – including severance payments, paid vacation, and extended health insurance coverage – if you are informed of a layoff
  • How to leverage the relationships from your previous job into a new one
  • What to do to ensure that you are treated fairly

If you have already been laid off, not to worry.  You can still take advantage of these opportunities as long as your company is still in business.

Get one step ahead of your employer! Read Smart Unemployment and learn how to get what you deserve!