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How Many Weeks of Unemployment Benefits?

While unemployment is an important national issue, the amount of benefits you can receive really depends on your state.

With the current tiers of extensions, 60 weeks is the minimum total number of weeks you can collect, while nearly half of all states grant up to 99 weeks of total benefits.

The graph below (compiled by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) outlines the number of weeks available across the country. The information is current as of June 5th, 2011.



Note: The total number of weeks includes both EUC and EB. In Missouri, 99 weeks are available if you initially filed prior to April 13, 2011. For those who filed after this date, 76 weeks are available.

Future Extensions

As the law currently stands, unemployment extensions are available for Americans filing for benefits through the end of 2011. Last week, President Obama mentioned in a press conference that he may consider a further extension into 2012. This will require approval from Congress, and there should be news on this in coming weeks.