Only 34% of people who are unemployed actually collect unemployment benefits!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Why is it that only one out of every three people who are unemployed receive benefits?

Some people have had their benefits expire.  Others are not eligible.

Many people get frustrated with the application process and give up. Most importantly, people think they are not eligible to meet the unemployment requirements.

On top of this, your former employer has no incentive to help, and the government makes the process difficult and time-consuming.

Smart Unemployment has the solution.

Get the Benefits you Deserve!

States are paying millions of dollars in unemployment benefits each week.  If you are unemployed, in most cases some of this money belongs to you.

With recent government initiatives, you are able to collect well over $30,000 of unemployment benefits in many states!

The Guide with the Answers

Smart Unemployment takes the guesswork out of unemployment requirements.  The book shows you how to maximize your opportunity to get the benefits that belong to you.

The average benefit check amounts to over $1,300 per month. And with the current average length of unemployment at nearly five months, that represents nearly $7,000!

Get a copy of the book and find out more about how Smart Unemployment can help you.